Post #1 – Introducing the Undead Warband

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Post #1 – Introducing the Undead Warband

Postby Drildgen » 11 October 2016, 15:04

The time is nigh! The Undead are making their way to Mordheim: City of the Damned and will arrive towards the end of October. They want their share -in other words, ALL- of the Wyrdstone, all the while spreading destruction and ruin.

We will be publishing daily posts presenting each individual warrior composing the Warband, detailing their gameplay, and including screenshots in action. Today, we will give you a glimpse of the Warband with background information, the warrior line-up, and images of their wagon and other valuables.

The story

The vassals of Count Vlad von Carstein include both the living and the undead, for the vampire lord knows the utility of mortals and the weaknesses of his own kind. Whether living or dead, all are his servants, sworn to the Master's will. While the courts of Altdorf, Middenheim and Marienburg all squabble over the Emperor's crown, few suspect that the tyrant of Sylvania has his own designs. The Warbands who have journeyed to Mordheim are sent to gather Wyrdstone that the dark magic bound into the shards can be harnessed and used to create more undead. They are both cunning and ruthless, for any foe that falls to their blades may rise again to serve Sylvania.

The Line-up:
  • Leader: Vampire
  • Hero: Necromancer
  • Hero: Vampire Thrall
  • Hero: Dreg
  • Henchman: Zombie
  • Henchman: Ghoul
  • Impressive: Crypt Horror

Here are the different items the Undead will be carrying with them to wreak havoc in the streets of Mordheim.
We will start tomorrow with the Warband Leader: The Vampire! Stay tuned!

Invade the streets of Mordheim with the Undead Warband DLC, coming late October!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Post #1 – Introducing the Undead Warband

Postby asdrubaul » 12 October 2016, 07:45

Looking forward to any update. Undead (vampire) warband is one of my favorites!


Re: Post #1 – Introducing the Undead Warband

Postby Guest » 12 October 2016, 23:15

Skaven fights could be interesting. Part of the warband could be really slow compared to skaven speed (unless they don't take zombies). But probably 3/4 the warband will be immune to skaven poisons.

Will be curious to see how zombies and ghouls will be balanced to attract their being chosen rather than straight Ghoul or straight Zombie advantages.


Re: Post #1 – Introducing the Undead Warband

Postby Guest » 19 October 2016, 08:58

This might be a stupid question but will this DLC be available on consoles at release or only PC at first?

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