Warrior Rating

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Warrior Rating

Postby Jaynestown » 13 September 2016, 18:38

Quick question (I hope) on the rating calculated for each individual warrior.

I'm playing a Possessed campaign. Tons of fun with the mutations. I found a low level Chaos Spawn with Thousand Eyes, so I bought him and a bunch of Rank 0 Darksouls then sent them out to level up. I was trying to keep the overall warband rating as low as possible compared to the impressive unit. So the Darksouls didn't get a lot of stats or equipment. But I noticed that their rating was increasing, even when I didn't change their gear or assign them attribute points.

Do units gain rating when they level? How is that calculated?

I tried to put a little chart together because I had a few Rank 7 guys who were about to level. It looked like most of them gained +5 Rating at Rank 8. But one of the warriors (a henchman, I think?) gained +10 Rating. I checked the wiki, but it only seems to give base rating. I'd prefer not to figure this out through experimentation, because it would involve ranking warriors all the way up, either without skills and attribute points, or with them and keeping track of each one so I could subtract it out...

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