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Are Crit Builds too reliable?

Posted: 27 August 2016, 14:15
by Blitzconfusion
On recommendation, I chose to expand the discussion going on Mordheim Steam Forums about Crits. The opinions are pretty divided about whether or not Crit Builds are too reliable and efficient considering the strength of a Crit as an effect.

My suggestion was to reduce the default Character Crit chance to 0% from 5%. That would be a slight nerf to Crit Builds, and Builds that made almost zero investment to Crit (having, for example, only taken Accuracy once Weapon Skill has been maxed) actually having 5%- chance for Critting by default.

Other solutions that were thrown around were to nerf Crit Weapons, Skills and/or Runes, and one particular sore point was the existance of Rune of Misfortune.

And their fair share of people not thinking a problem exists obviously.

What do you think?

Re: Are Crit Builds too reliable?

Posted: 16 September 2016, 01:01
by Jaynestown
It's difficult to comment on this without a full understanding of how critical hit and stun resist work. Also, I am new... :D

But I think the main problem with the crit (if there is one) is the stun. A stunned enemy is hit automatically in melee, is +20% to fire at in range, and has a +20% chance to be crit again. If the warrior does survive, it also loses offense and strategic points at the start of its next turn, when it gets back up. This is what makes a critical hit so devastating.

A slight buff to base stun resist could address this problem. Alternatively, Intelligence could continue to add 2% stun resist while Toughness, in addition to 1% crit resist, could add 1% stun resist as well. I would suggest a combination of both. Warriors already get a 10% base chance to some resists, such as poison. Give them a base 10% chance to resist stun... +2% per intelligence point, +1% per toughness point. Then give Overpower, Headshot, and Visions of Torment a +25% chance to stun, which is about equal to a character with 12 Toughness using the new system.

It's also worth noting that crit is especially synergistic with warriors whose attacks can't be parried. This is because the accuracy stat decreases dodge chance. So, unless the target is using a melee resist build, your -2% chance to dodge may actually be better than your +2% to hit from increasing another stat. I can't say for myself if this is a problem. But what if Accuracy increased crit damage AND base damage and the dodge bypass was moved to agility. Strength is also a physical attribute, and that's where parry bypass is. Anyway, just a thought. It would make the low weapon skill characters do much more damage with a much less reliable chance to hit.

Re: Are Crit Builds too reliable?

Posted: 13 November 2016, 15:34
by Leadpaintchips
@Jaynestown, there are actually 2 other things that makes crit builds such a pain to face.

One is that for each crit, there is a debuff that makes it harder for the victim to retaliate, by lowering their chances to hit, which stacks. I've had an impressive have 6 of these on it, and they couldn't hit the ground if they fell.

The second part is the after action effect it has. The crit debuff almost guarantees that the warrior will miss one battle (unless the warrior is immune to badly wounded) if they didn't get dropped, and if they did get dropped, they roll again on the injury table per debuff on them. So in my example earlier, that impressive did drop, and rolled six times for injuries. They died twice I think, haha.