Something I would love to see in game

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Something I would love to see in game

Postby stocky102000 » 12 July 2016, 09:00

Hi all,

After spending a few hundred hours in Mordheim I must say I am loving it. One thing I would truly love to see in game is a persistent log of injurys/deaths of the AI teams you come across. So say at the end of the mission you get a list of the enemy team and any injurys you caused them permanently and in mission you can see the AI injurys with the name of the character and his warband name that caused it.

Ideally on creation of a warband it would generate a fixed pool of player names for the AI to draw on through your campaign and your warband then as the potential to meet AI characters more than one battle and see the effects you have had on their mangled bodies. Could even have a minor Nemesis system involved whereas the guy is 30% more likely to try to attack the person who took his eye if he has more than one target to choose from etc. Just some thoughts but this would really make my day the thought of meeting someone for the 5th time and they are practically half a man after all the bits you have lopped off would be hilarious or hunting down the scum who killed your favourite hero when you next see him.

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Re: Something I would love to see in game

Postby Mikkel » 13 July 2016, 03:57

It's a nice idea and would add a lot of flavor (as well as evoke fond memories of table-top grudge matches!).

Unfortunately, as far as I know the AI teams are procedurally and randomly generated on a per-match basis to match your current numbers and distribution of characters, meaning they don't actually live beyond the current match at all.

As such, it would probably be a fairly major thing to do, with relatively few marketable qualities. Then again, "more blood" is an actual DLC for a certain other Warhammer-based game that is out now, I kid you not, so I suppose anything can be sold these days.


Re: Something I would love to see in game

Postby stocky102000 » 13 July 2016, 09:47

Thanks for the reply Mikkel,

I was thinking that because the pool was randomly generated at the start of the warband all they would really need to do in that sense was make sure that each time a hero or henchman died they recruited a new one of the type that died, hero for hero hench for hench from the pool. They can still receive the buff pre match to hp etc and this system would mean it always has the squad to match yours man for man but I can see how it would be a major overhaul to the system, just think it would add a bit more reason to continue a warband beyond the campaign completion for me to add that longevity to your fave warbands.

If it was released as part of a major expansion that adds a few new warbands etc it may not be such a pipe dream but I am no coder so my simple idea is probably a major pain in the backside to actually implement haha.

Thanks again for the reply man, have fun in the city of the damned :evil:

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