how the hell can one make gold?

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how the hell can one make gold?

Postby Ticon » 27 June 2016, 00:43

the AIs are Op.

the missions are impossible to accomplish.

impossible to pay upkeep. and pay for injured warriors...

and the days turn around for repairs makes one lose interest on playing.


Re: how the hell can one make gold?

Postby Guest » 27 June 2016, 07:09

What Veteran Skills have you spent on?

Key ones for saving gold are, Healer, Negotiator, Scholar, Commander.

You want to get the actual missions for Wyrdstone done as soon as possible. Gives you more time between requests to get Wyrdstone on your own for your own benefit.

Don't just sell the Wyrdstone to one faction. As you get higher in one faction the less they give you, and the more the others will pay. If you are only giving to one faction all the time, you will keep getting less and less.

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Re: how the hell can one make gold?

Postby hroch » 27 June 2016, 09:43

I suggest to go for Wyrdstone rush missions - I consider them as easiest. Your goal is to get wayrdstone and wyrdstone mean gold.

Get all possible updates for wyrdstone request duration as baron pays you gold only for wyrdstone above the request. More time = more wyrdstone = more gold.
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Re: how the hell can one make gold?

Postby Prince Tiamath » 27 June 2016, 20:10

Best advice about gold? Dont spend all in one place. Also first missions play as much defensive as possible to avoid wounds. Melee formation with snipers on the roofs.


Re: how the hell can one make gold?

Postby Guest » 27 June 2016, 20:52

Note you also don't have to send out every member of your War band. At the end of a mission you only have to pay the ones you send out. Against the AI, the opponent is matched to your numbers. So on a normal difficulty mission you should be going against the same number of similar ranked opponents. You have to take your leader, and 3 henchmen. Don't think there is a hero requirement but I usually send one out even when trying to send fewer out.

Fewer sent out means lower upkeep, and usually lower healer bills.


Re: how the hell can one make gold?

Postby Guest » 28 June 2016, 11:50

Basically, hit your wyrdstone quota early, so you spend 10 days just building up extra stock. Have one person always trying to get those clusters and shards (15/5 pieces respectively.)
If you do this until you run out of days or are broke, when fighting the AI, make sure you're not going above normal if you're not good. Otherwise they're going to wipe you.
Ideally when you start, start in a group and move towards the part of the map with the most wyrdstone. The enemy will not likely be completely grouped up when you engaged so try to get a pick before the rest of their group shows up.

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