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Log Parser

Postby BigMuuk » 22 February 2016, 08:52

Howdy folks!

Does anybody know of a Log Parser that may be out there for Mordheim? We're looking to gather more statistical information for our League. I found where someone posted some code in the Steam forums to parse out the die rolls for RNG, but we're looking for stuff like Damage and such and none of us are programmers. =/

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Re: Log Parser

Postby MasterN » 01 March 2016, 00:51

You not being programmers is no issue.

- Get a compiler (linux has an integrated compiler(gcc) and for windows I suggest MinGW (http://www.mingw.org/))
- Get a good editor (suggestions: sublime(linux), notepad++(windows))
- Start with a youtube series (for example this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk2fK2IIiiQ (WITHOUT catastrophic accent) (watched a couple of scenes and it looks useful))

Hint if you're using windows: The actual commands in the command line may differ a bit. Read the Manual of minGW for details

- You have a 'practical' motivation to learn C or any other language (in case of 'other', you need different tools tan those mentioned above)
- Learning even the basics of programming is a great thing as it allows easier skill development with different programming languages
- Expanding your horizons
- Independency of others
- If you go for release, you contribute
.... and so on

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