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Gentleman of Mordheim - News

Postby crimsonsun » 05 January 2016, 14:11

Well its been coming and its still very much a work in progress, with various aspects needing finalising but is functioning in its most basic format. I need to implement the chat lounge, Code of conduct and we have someone working feverishly upon a data uploading system for the site to allow us to keep league data on our own servers.

Please be aware this is a work in progress and things are undergoing massive changes but in terms of the actual forums the best way for them to grow is via community input. In addition any groups running leagues are welcome to come and set up with us, I'll create a section of the forum for you and as long as its possible I'll open up the data uploading and extrapolation software for your competitions. Obviously though once the upload system is in place I'll be launching a multi tiered progressive league system though while I know how I want to run things initially for the first few 'seasons' expect the rules to undergo multiple changes, I'll post specific threads about it when I'm more confident about the software in constant use, however for anyone interested it will be new warbands with no games on record, though a season will likely allow a few games against the AI it will be 66%+ PvP only.

Finally the forums will have a code of conduct of expected gentlemanly behaviour and any leagues or competitions hosted on our forums may have further such conditions placed upon players. Anyone signing up to the forums and said competitions is expected to follow these basic rules, with failure to do so resulting in warnings for minor or via human error type breaking of these rules to permanent blacklisting from the community and its resources for series offences (hacking of the code or attacking another member (in game or in the community), ism's and generally being the opposite of gentlemanly. Additionally for the league I will be organising I will say that the rules will cover game bugs and exploits along with the way they should be handled and the conduct expected, which will be done in the way considered fairest by my peers.

This is very exciting and I hope to have the Lounge chat boards up in the next 24hours so players can organise Pvp games in a related environment and avoid endless cues or ranking issues. Thanks for reading and I look forwards to seeing you in our communities new home, as ever;


Re: Gentleman of Mordheim - News

Postby chaoticmaniac » 05 January 2016, 19:20

This is an AWESOME idea.
Thanks for the work!


Re: Gentleman of Mordheim - News

Postby Błysk » 20 January 2016, 10:26

Great to read that!

Im trying to register there and Im waiting for activation. I also hope that devs will try to do some in game matching system.

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