What warband suits you better?

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What warband suits you better?

Postby Noltem » 21 December 2015, 09:42

I've been trying the four warbands and although the Skaven and Chaos are very fun to play (Specially Chaos due to mutations which make hired swords all the more attractive when they have what you seek) I am not very good with them since my playstyle (Move slow but pack a punch) is better suited by the Mercenaries and Sisters of Sigmar, I prefer the Mercenaries due to versatility specially when it comes to ranged combat.
I have yet to loose a match against the AI with my mercenary warband (Even Deadly opponents have a hard time getting through a barrage of rifle overwatches)

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Olliesmith6121 » 21 December 2015, 10:35

Skaven suited my play style in the orignal game and they still do in this one.
"If you can't hit me you can't hurt me!"

Lack of equipment and missing some skills like tail fighter but still great to play with.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Evan_ » 22 December 2015, 09:28

I can't name my favorite race or warband composition - I'm having fun with all of them, sometimes with deliberately sub-ideal teams.

I find skaven to be the easiest - they can quickly compensate for the mistakes you make. A ranged merc band is my most brutal group: sniper rifle henchies feel very valuable compared to other basic units. Though it's a lot less forgiving playstyle - positioning mistakes and ambushes are pretty hurtful, and their common tactic doesn't work well against players.

I like the feeling of chaos teams, even though mutations are a hassle: I tend to replace lv1 heroes who get a sup-par mutation, but that's extra work. I have a 'classic' facetanking-damaging setup for them, but I also play a Merc-style ranged possessed band. Of course bows doesn't compare to guns, but both the extra difficulty and the pin-cushion effect makes it worth. It's a strictly PVE gang, not too effective even at that, yet my favorite one these days. :D

I didn't become a fan of Sigmarites, only played them to wb level 5. It's nice - healing and buffs are pretty tough, yet I found their gameplay too straightforward.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Astralwyrm » 22 December 2015, 23:09

Skaven. High mobility, favour melee and ranged but have a bit of everything.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby drenzul » 23 December 2015, 12:01

Sisters are pointless. They rely on parry + heavy armour for the most part of RO/Chaos teams rip them a new one.
Mercs are OK, but suffer from the same problems as sisters to a lesser degree.
Chaos are massively powerful but ONLY with the right mutations, which means there is a horrific grind against RND to constantly level up heroes to get the right mutation set.
Skaven are probably the best, the best looters, powerful hitters, can seriously degrade the enemy attack powers with warp poison e.t.c. as well as been able to relocate to deal with any unexpected issues or get into melee with ranged enemies far quicker than any of the other warbands.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby thomas aagaard » 23 December 2015, 21:02

Really depend on if we are talking EVE or PVP...

Sisters work just fine against the AI. The novices can work as dodgers...
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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby crimsonsun » 23 December 2015, 22:20

Skaven until I am able to bring Undeath to the world to stem the mutating change that is Chaos with the unchanging agelessness of Death.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Olgark » 07 January 2016, 23:31

I like the Skaven at the moment that is until the dwarfs and undead come onto the playing field.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Sjaugust1 » 13 January 2016, 19:30

I want to play lizardmen even though they wouldn't have much reason for being out there. Otherwise humans for ranged options.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Arganan » 14 January 2016, 08:50

Chaos is only right choice :)
It was my first choise in TT and i was not able to escape any more even when i tried different bands.

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