What warband suits you better?

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby PennaDSGN » 26 January 2016, 14:06

I personally really like the Reikland Mercs! I started off with them and haven't really had any reason to change to another to be honest. Although if I was going to pick another I'd have to pick Skaven. When I first started off with the mercs Skaven was a big threat! They'd absolutely dominate me early game. Having put enough hours into the game to give it a proper evaluation though I'd have to say I'd stick with the mercs, they generally just seem like the best choice for me personally. Would be interesting to see what other peoples thoughts are though!

ska Uglyrat

Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby ska Uglyrat » 04 February 2016, 15:33

I haven't played with sisters yet. (only in the tutorial).
My first band was mercenaries and I enjoyed a lot, I Think they are well balanced.
Then I played Caos and I lost a lot and didn't enjoyed at all.
Then I hit the skavens... OMG best band ever! they are awesome!
Actually I'm playing Caos again and I like it.
But honestly I'm a rat... no doubt !


Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Simcc » 05 July 2016, 05:06

Well all warbandss have different playing style like in TT games. I don't have a favorite as I do play TT as empire, vampire, chaos, Orc and bretonians. In this game my choice is play everyone.

Empire - black power weapons (somehow the game says gunpowder while in the fantasy world is call black power). Like in TT this is absolutely devastating weapon that can down even the strongest Chaos beast. By far it's the most flexible warband which I like.

Skavens - my favorite as their speed is just too good. Never lost a battle with skaven so far and no death so far. Can really scout out pick up all the warpstones and pick the battle field due to the speed. And the swarm rules is just too good stun so many enemy I lost count with only daggers and spears. Only warband that I am confident to use on the scatter missions as the speed means you regroup very fast and kill any enemy you sees

Sisters - walking tanks! Go in a phalanx formation and nothing can beat you at all. Bash everyone and just heal along the way. Don't favour using them is a split 3 team deployment as they are hard to redeploy. Even a normal sister henchmen can knockdown possessed.

Chaos - what's not to like? I sold myself to the chaos God in TT so why not in PC hahaha. I have a khorne warband with possessed, marauder and dark kins and they all hit like super hard usually 1 turn is needed to kill any target. Slaneesh team of archers and mutants which is super fast and dodge everything. And a sorcerer team.

Now I have the Witch hunter which I am still finding how to use it. I still haven't encounter the infamous flame rifle of the witch hunters. Also who doesn't like puritans hat hahaha


Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Anguloke » 05 July 2016, 06:39

Skaven suited me more to start. But a pretty easy WB to play.

Then Mercenaries. I've enjoyed building a theme style mercenary team that has almost all of them now using the Halberd. Still need a few more purples.

Now I'd say Witch Hunters. I like the mix of units, type of fighting style I've figured out for them.

Sisters are Ok, have a deep Sister WB I go to for a change of pace.

Chaos is too annoying for me to enjoy as much as I'd like. And not enough customization.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby Leadpaintchips » 13 November 2016, 16:31

For me, SoS were the one's I fell in love with first. Granted, Chaos can tear them a new one, but if you can take the initial hit, they really do pack one heck of a punch, and with flails, initiative isn't that much of an issue. They're whole marching up together, challenging their opponents to have an answer to Armor, buffs, and magical attacks appeals to me.

I've tried to make a merc band work, but I think I just might be going about it wrong. I keep on running into money problems with these guys, much more so than any other warband. They seem to want to make a nest, and force their opponents to come to them, which is a bit too passive for me.

Skaven, being the fast, adaptable faction never really appealed to me. You look at them funny and they drop. I get the swarm tactics (I actually use it in my SoS band), but they seem to die in droves, and have a lot of short range damage over time abilities which seems counter to what they wanna do.

Chaos interested me, but the Chaos Gods never seem fit to grant me mutations that work well together in builds. If I got that, I think I might enjoy it a bit more, but being at the mercy of the Winds of Chaos never sits well with me, because RNGeebus really doesn't like me.

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Re: What warband suits you better?

Postby secrecy274 » 14 November 2016, 10:27

Skaven are my favourit Warband, however Witch Hunters are by far my most successful one.
Have one rank 10 Warband of each.

The Skaven one is constantly in shambles, currently sitting on around around 90% success rate but constantly requires reinforcements, there's a pretty big rank disparity with my Leader at Rank 8 (third Leader) , Impressive Rank 3, one Black Skaven Rank 3 (Hired Sword)(six dead or fired previously) and two Warpguards Rank 10 (one of which is the only one from the original Warband).

On the other hand my Witch Hunters are far more successful, with a 100% success rate and only around 5 -7 casualties in total. My main problem with this Warband is quite frankly just some poor choices on some of my builds.

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