New player- First impressions

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New player- First impressions

Postby Ticon » 07 December 2015, 21:04

Ok so after finally finishing SC2 void campaign and Warhammer vemintides campaign (currently still playing). i managed to find time to start playing Mordheim- knowing this would be time incentive to learn etc...

thing i liked:

- creating a warband menu.
- graphics
- heroes

thing i didnt like:

- the mouse movement is too fast
- i recall having a zoom out to see the map- i cant do that anymore-was it taken out upon launch?
- the time lock out if one fails the campaign-wait the next day?
- everything cost gold- damage on warband to unlocking more missions...
- not very clear how i can make gold to make those changes even if i started with 250.

Iam not a heavy table top player but love warhammer lore so things id like to see for this game:

- an official players manual pdf or otherwise. not just videos.

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Re: New player- First impressions

Postby hroch » 07 December 2015, 21:19

  • Mouse speed should be adjustable in settings
  • Strategic view is available under Shhift key by default. Sometimes it is difficult to get there while AI is playing.
  • This should put you in front of serious decisions and increase tension. It works for me :-)
  • Deliver wyrdstone via smugglers den. There are 3 fractions, delivery gives you both gold and Faction points. You cna "level up" your factions gaining some bonuses. 1st faction is main - this is benefactor of your expedition. They require wyrdstone from time to time, repetitively failing delivery causing game over. This faction have also lovest gold rate. Well, and remaining factions are better in almost all manners, but you will be saving your wyrdstone for mandatory deliveries to your benefactor.
Hope it helps
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