Building a warband

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Building a warband

Postby Random Cultist » 12 July 2016, 19:54

I'm relatively new to the game and I'm trying to build a warband but I could really use some advice.

I've got a magister that I want to focus on leadership buffs, Attracting Lure and the Weapon of Descruction and Chains of Chaos spells.
Then I've got 5 melee brethren all of which have Insult, Awareness and Blood Sacrifice. And 2 Doomweavers with Blood Sacrifice and Frenzy.
I'm not sure if I should make two brethren into heroes or just put them in hero slots and get two darksouls or a spawn.

My general tactic is to set up the brethren in overwatch with bows and the doomweavers and magister in front.
When the enemy comes rushing they interrupt with ranged attacks, then I can buff and frenzy the doomweavers and charge, then follow up with brethren switching to melee and have the magister use buffs and debuffs.

Are there any other must have skills? They're all wearing heavy armour so I was thinking about knowledge mordheim and armour proficiency.
The skills that stack small buffs and debuffs don't really seem worth it and the different attacks also feel kind of underwhelming compared to blood offering or strong blow.

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