Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

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Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby mateuderos » 28 April 2016, 22:48

Aproaching the 100 hours into the game and with all four war bands between levels 6 and 10 it is clear that the biggest challenge is the Cult by far.

Empire, Sis and rats all excel in their areas of expertise but Cult does not seem to have its own flavor.

The roster setup is the worst. Henchmen and Heroes that cannot withdraw is a game breaker for me when playing Cult. It's a massive disadvantage. A caster leader is a liability in itself from levels 1 to 5. Possessed comes too late in the progression. The ranged units are sub-par to mercenary archers.

On top of all of that we need to deal with mutations. The 1-4-7 nerf is of little help if the RGN hits hard, plus some mutations are completely disconnected to character attributes (Possessed with no agility and thousand eyes for instance turns an already late unit into a glass cannon for almost 6 levels and again means a massive disadvantage vs. Similar level enemy hero).

For all these reasons I only struggle with the Cult. I also don't have the fun that I have with the other warbands. The sis tanking is epic in choke points. The rats are completely awesome on big or scattered maps. The Mercs have the widest Range of possibilities for any encounter....

But the Cult? Please name it!

PD. Yes the impressive is completely awesome and in my opinion the best in the game. But it does not count!

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Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby Karond » 28 April 2016, 23:11

I agree, having spent 200 hours total with the game I too find that the cult is more difficult than the others. It does however progress into something very powerful at the end, but it takes more time and patience due to the mutations forcing you to hire new heroes every now and then.

At early levels I find that its not worth casting with the magister. Just get light armor and dualwield/twohanded until he gets 6 OP, then go for shield and mace. The starting spell just doesn't do enough that one of his attacks isn't already plus his presence helps fight all alone or cause it. It's all about getting chains of chaos as soon as possible, and mastering the starting spell to support the spawn/mutant hero.

Possessed however do suck. I think their only justification comes if they lose an arm and manage to not regrow it. It does very little that a mutant can't do, which incidentally I find is the best hero they've available. The high agility and weaponskill combined with heavy armor makes for incredible tanking or durability with more offensive builds (12 strength + book of training to get 15). I find the marauder lacking compared to the mutant for this reason, as the mutant has combat power all over the map not just where you can charge. They can also make good archers with clawfoot (mastered nerveshot or headshot is a must then to bypass dodge for your heroes. Since they ignore parry, it causes a lot of damage quickly. Especially if the heroes also get insult).

I prefer darksouls all the way until you can hire a level 3+ brethren (but even so, I have 2 brethren at most and usually just 1). Bows aren't that bad, the bonus to hit is often worth it compared to the longbows especially since you'll find yourself targetting into melee a lot, and its a different style compared to marksmen with gunpowder. Shoot and duck behind cover. Handshot is nice and provides usefulness even against heavy armor targets. You can hire warpguards later on, but darksouls make decent tanks. I actually like the crazed ability since it makes them reliable against terror, fear and all alone. Since I use them in a tanking role, I find that with heavy armor they won't get the speed anyway to afford disengaging effectively and the game prevents disengage often enough anyway. Maces are pretty much mandatory on them though to help them hit every now and then.

I think the cult excels in doing damage compared to the others. Blood offering is really good, the spawn as you noted and the ability to ignore parry on many of your melee heroes can really hurt the mercenaries and sisters. If you can combine that with abilities that circumvents dodge you become a killing machine while everyone else is stuck trying to get past your own stances.

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Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby mateuderos » 29 April 2016, 08:43

Thanks for the thoughts.

Yes for me Mutant is their best hero too. It has the best stats, specially for early game, and with the right mutations in my opinion is the best or top 3 heroes in the game.

My mutant has the club mutation plus thousand eyes and the chicken legs. The damage output, mobility and sidestep dodge are truly epic. I will try a ranged build though it looks promising.

Marauder is not too bad but as u say it has less options than the Mutant overall. However, as the Possessed, the minimum mistake is rewarded with maximum penalty.

And this seems to be the Cult flavour: risk and reward taken to the extreme. Problem is, it's not that fun. Every time I get them into battle I feel the stakes are extremely high, no room for even the smallest of mistakes, no room for creative or crazy approaches. It has to be perfect since deployment or GG.

I would either revise mutations so they are not randomized, provide the option of at least 1 heroe becoming a decent heavy tank, or adjust Marauder and Possessed stats to agility over toughness.

As is, Cult offers way too many disadvantages vs the rest of races. I can picture them becoming unstoppable if you have the patience, the time, the gold, and specially the luck. But is this fun? Rats and sis are cookie-cutters since level 0.

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Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby Arganan » 02 May 2016, 10:27

It is true that leveling Chaos Warbands can be a pain in the ass. Honestly I play them because of the style. The possessed seems to be a weak member from the scratch, but he looks cool and with the right mutation he can be also a decent Dodge-Tank or DD.

Blood-offering is one of the best skill to go for one-handed dd, because you have a shield and have same damage output like dw(100%+ 3x150% vs 3x150%). For example I have a Melee-Resist Darksoul hero with schild, hemled, heavy armor, a hammer and Mastered Blood-offering. He does a very good job (Even if there are better MR-Tanks in other races) and looks great in comparison to a mutant tank.

The leader is one of the best leader to use special leader skills like oder. Because Weapon of destruction(WoS) and order is a very good combination. Set up with the right skills you can get WoS + 3 Order commands. Witch can be very nice damage :D

brethren can be realy nice to support Terror and fear rolls. Because they can shot up to 3 times with a very high percentage to hit and reduce the chance to succeed in fear test by 12% each brethren.

I usually use 2 teams like that if i play with 6 main-guys + rooky :
magister + spawn + brethren
mutant(range) + possessed/darksoul hero + brethren/darksoul (+ rooky)

So In my opinion Chaos is great at close combat.


Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby Simcc » 04 July 2016, 06:26

Chaos strenght is the reliability in melee than do not run away in fear, following the warhammer fantasy style, Chaos are the heavy hitters that just ran in and of course you need to be favour among the four gods and kill everything you come in contact with. Possessed + mutant/marauder combo kills anything in 1 turn provided that the chaos God do not abandon you and grant you misses.

The leader starts with one of the best spells and use him behind some henchmen just to cast the weapon of destruction and see the magic happens. Works even better on heroes.

And of you use that pesky archer to draw enemy into your possessed ambush you can be quite certain the enemy will be dead on the possessed turn.

Only warband I fear is the skavens especially on the map where you are scattered as they have so much speed that they can gang up on you easily.

Human warband stand no chance usually, my possessed knock out 6 enemy and still standing facing the pesky humans.

Sister is a bit tricky just don't get caught up in a melee for too long for them at bless of sigmar spell will kill you or stun you pretty soon.

Random Cultist

Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby Random Cultist » 13 July 2016, 12:15

The only thing that I personally find very lacking are the brethren.
They have a ranged focus but the ranged weapons they can use aren't that good and their starting skill is really weak.

For comparison, the Mercenary marksman gets a +10 to hit every single time after he deals ranged damage,
but the Brethren only gets a +10 on the first shot if it's an overwatch.

It would be much more on par with other starting skills if the +10 would count for ambushes and charges as well.

I also find the mutating heroes kind of uninteresting, but that's just personal taste.
Beastman hired swords would really add some more flavour and variety to the Possessed.

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Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby ArcherGilgamesh » 16 November 2016, 02:14

They take some getting used to, but in my experience, I find Sisters to be harder to use (I'm not fond of how slow they usually are to begin with, not to mention their relatively short movement range compared to other warbands. Sure, Sisters hit very hard, but their key weakness is that they can be more easily flanked, swarmed, and butchered one-on-one). My most successful warbands tend to be Cult and Skaven, while my least successful tend to be Sisters. I mean, even though my starting Mutant had perhaps some less-than-optimal mutations (Featureless Face, The Eye, and Crusher [right arm], in the order they were obtained), he's still one of my more reliable units, able to hold the line rather well even by himself thanks to his 80% Parry, he's pretty reliable at landing crits, and tends to avoid nearly every attack aimed at him, and by the time he starts getting to a level of health that worries me, I likely already have help (one of which is almost always my Chaos Spawn) caught up and helping my mutant.

Speaking of my Chaos Spawn, that thing is an absolute monster, just starting with it's mutations. In order it had the mutations: Extra Limb - Blade, Claw Foot, and Ripper. The thing has 100% Dodge, has nearly 500 health, hits like a truck (usually around 60-70 damage per normal hit), crits very often (and on a crits it does about 90 damage), and otherwise is very reliable. The only enemy units I worry about having my Choas Spawn face is the Sisters' Impressive (since her passive makes ranged attacks effectively useless, my archers cannot help my Chaos Spawn, so I need to send my A-team to kill the Sisters' Impressive in melee).

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Re: Chaos most difficult warband in the game?

Postby Arganan » 16 November 2016, 06:06

There are realy nice mutation. With the right skill combination you can even go further. I just have only time for single player, but there you have very high synergy with the magister. my spawn in combination is able to take out henchmen in 3 hits, because of blood offering and weapon of destruction. Hero normaly die in 4 hits + 2 order from magister. When it comes to impressive it can take 2 turns, but then the magister is able to provide 3 order + 1 cast weapons of destruction. I still struggeling finding the right heros with the right mutations for the other two slots. I had a lot of candidates but chaos is unforgiving. Leveling is kind of challenging. Because lvl 1 heros can die in two hits and AI always try to find them. So i can only level my rookies in hard-mode until they have a little survivalbility for brutal-mode. As mentioned befor chaos is about grinding right mutations.

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