Firing heroes

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Firing heroes

Postby Yuarl » 03 March 2016, 12:07

I am wondering if its smart to kick the heroes that receive a useless mutation and starting new ones...

My hardest case. Mutant with claw feet, wrong arm mutation and stone horns... But mastery in heavy armour and mighty blow... Should i kick him and start a new one? I dislike that mutations... But its my strongest hero...


Re: Firing heroes

Postby Tychii » 04 March 2016, 12:00

Personally I would for sure. If you don't need him right away. Just wait till you get a better hired sword. I have rotated through a couple possessed before I got a decent one for damage.

But the nature of mutations means that you won't get the best combos of mutations until you just roll over and over again.
Personally I would either fire or him, or wait till you get something you want


Re: Firing heroes

Postby mwg » 04 March 2016, 12:15

I have fired many heroes trying to get the perfect one, at first i even had to fire some with cool mutations just because i messed up their skills.

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