Archer debuff hero.

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Archer debuff hero.

Postby Aksel1987 » 09 February 2016, 13:38

Is it worth it to have a single Lad's got talent archer foccused on using debuff archer skills?

Im thinking that mastered: hand shoot(-20% mellee hit). Cripling shoot(-2 offense points), and that thing with break stances, seems really nifty if you go all out on +hit with enchants and so on?

Especially a mastered chain + cripling on a unit should pretty much nulify any damage it can give even a hero.

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Re: Archer debuff hero.

Postby hamstersandwich » 09 February 2016, 18:18

I have one, and he can be very useful. It really depends on the make up of the rest of your warband - I have a ridiculously powerful Chaos Spawn, so my hero archer stays at home a lot because he is far behind in value when compared directly with my mutant and marauder heroes.

I have found it best to run 2 ranged units for a decent amount of back line damage and debuffing- ( henchman archer with hero )

They have finished off many in combat, and outright killed many more, I say go for it and build one :)

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Re: Archer debuff hero.

Postby askanbr » 17 February 2016, 22:39

With the changes made in mutation to lvl 1/4/7 , you can make a mutant archer very easily (keep looking for hired swords since mostly are lvl 7). And with the new skaven dlc dude Cult is getting some good ranged options

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