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Postby dukeofdunks » 26 December 2015, 08:50

How do you guys do your heroes? Unlike other factions the heroes seem amazingly garbage, the possessed is so bad i dont even think i have to list why but even the barbarian and mutant are very lacking, mostly due to their random mutations meaning you cant build them torwards parry or youll lose your shield(unless you get a lucky sword mutation) and they dont have the stat spread to go dodge and two handers on heroes feels awful because the tiring mechanic locks them out of the superior OP they have over henchmen.

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Re: Heroes

Postby Noltem » 26 December 2015, 19:50

Going for parry is risky due to arm mutations, the mutant is a good dodge build and the posessed, well... Pray that it gets the good mutations and build him for total damage.

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Re: Heroes

Postby Astralwyrm » 10 January 2016, 17:15

Go with full henchmen and hire rank 5+ heroes when you have the gold and only have 1 mutation left to worry about.

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Re: Heroes

Postby S1lv3r » 10 January 2016, 19:05

http://i66.tinypic.com/2ihwj2a.png Mutant 1 Still missing Tome of Attributes and Armor Break Skill into Mastery with the 4 SP left +2 from the Tome.
http://i65.tinypic.com/23r8o5g.png Mutant 2 Misses 1 Physical Grim for Kidney strike into Mastery.

The rest is pretty much finished on my Mutants i just need to do Lib. at some point im using these 2 for PvP and had no prob, whatsoever still no major injuries after 6 skirms exept Megalomania and i dont rlly care about that ^^
Depending on the enemy im switching to shield +1 hand atleast on that one witout the arm mutation rofl he gets a bit more focus but the wyrdstone horns help alot. The 2nd one shows only 5% armor but only from testing something :) im back to using light armor same as the other dude.

I could reach more Melee resi with shield spec but i dont like the idea wasting skillpoints on that becoz i dont use them as parry i like dodge more with almost all my heroes from the Cult exept Marauder and i wasnt able to get a good one with decent Mutations so i left him out.

What i plan on getting in the future is a Possessed as Hero maybe im gonna try that out when i see a nice lvl 7 one hired swords but i struggle for gold atm anyway.

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Re: Heroes

Postby Orkhan » 20 January 2016, 10:08

S1lv3r how do you ever kill Fear or Terror causing enemies with this build? Leadership 2 is so low...

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Re: Heroes

Postby S1lv3r » 20 January 2016, 17:54

well IF i see any aura enemys im using bugmans ale via my magister on these 2 particular and luckely not all units get affected by fear/terror but yes pretty much making up for it with items alot of them are rlly usefull when u are not playing against ai only most of my heroes carry atlest 1 or 2 usable items poultrice or heal the others bugmans ale or chrimson shade which is esp, good on cult becoz most of them got so low initiation they need crimson shade and who cares if they die with the effect on them then they are screwed anyway :D maybe im to cruel to some of my henchmen but its pvp and pretty much what u expect in a game like that ^^

there are also some good enchants but i havn't found all on this warband yet but thats also a possibility, i have the terror ench. for shield and magister fear isnt really a problem coz kidney strike + insult

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