Possessed Campaign missions descritption only !

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Possessed Campaign missions descritption only !

Postby Cordalinge » 29 December 2015, 03:44


I create this topic to speak ONLY of campaign missions. Indeed, it is always a surprise and sometimes, too much surprise may leave the team on the tiles. Currently, I made the first 2 missions and soon I will dare the unknown third.

Mission 1: Purify the church with the sacrosanct Chaos! No major difficulty. sisters of Sygmar who hit strong but focusing on priority targets will do the job. Do not hesitate to use the chief (don't remember her name) by supporting your tropps, she hits hard, dodge well and is a good bag of Pv, once emptied down, the sister will continue to pop ... okay, your repatriate yout Team gently toward the stairs at the bottom right of the church and go upstairs. Finally you will have to go up to the entrance of the church to rise up to the bell. Note that just before the bell, there is a Sigmar sister Boss ... do not rush with your only hero to finish the job, it might make you weird. Careful to keep inventory-free just before the bell, there the enemie chest with some beautiful clusters of crystals to take.

Mission 2: Recover the sacred sword and curse it. First warning ... again Keep your inventory free of dead ennemies loot ESPECIALLY on the boss. You will need 6 slots for skulls, one for blood, one for the sword (the sword that only the boss can take).
First difficulty, at the entrance of the castle, 4 archers and 1 ogre who hits hard and heavy cash. Take at least two archers with you, if you have any mutants, do not forget to put a bow in their second weapons location. You can successfully do a little housekeeping on one or two enemy archers at the entrance by pulling back once you shot and hide. As soon as you enter the courtyard the ogre will rush. No debate lets get your tanks in action (and possibly with good esquiveurs who needs to be targeted as he hits strong) and your archers who will concentrate their fire on Archer chose to make them fall one by one . The ogre stumbled, recovered his blood. I then had the appearance of a demon just after this household ... so kept forces.

At the bottom left of the court, then you enter a room ... close the gate behind you when all your team is inside. After going on down !!! Staircase at the bottom left of the first room ... If you stay grouped, the personal down should not pose any problems. Output of the first downstairs room ... a room with 3 enemies in front and a corridor on your right, a corridor finished with three doors, cells. Do not over SPLIT your team. Complete all 3 enemies and send good nags 3 of them to the cells because in the front cell, another demon with flaming sword will protect one of the sought skull. For other skulls, up the stairs there or there were the three enemies, seen with another find three enemies. A staircase goes up again in this room need to take with you, your boss. Top, immediately on the right, a room with the sword that only the boss can recover. I do not know where the last skull lies but you should be ready by having made this search.

It's time to go back on top, returning back to the first room of the castle, where you have closed the gate. This time instead of going down, take the stairs up, and the top of the stairs the wooden ramp that will take you to the altar where you require:
- Put all the skulls
- Put The blood of the ogre
- Put the sword
- Curse the sword

Job is done. I hope it will help a little because the problem in these missions is to find targets, in order, in maps that go in all directions. Then you tend to splitter the team and when you fall on enemies, it can quickly hurt, because at any moment you can not cure ... If someone wants to get on third ... or add precision, with pleasure!

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