Possessed Heroes Feel Underpowered

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Re: Possessed Heroes Feel Underpowered

Postby Doom » 21 January 2016, 02:36

Glad to see someone has some understanding of the game here. Not everyone can understand "less options" is inferior to "more options"; I had no idea that was a toughie.

We've pretty much established Chaos is "hard mode", with the latest kick in the g'nads...your forced to use a sorcerer leader, vulnerable to crits because he can't effin wear enough armor, and more vulnerable to injuries Megalomania (not much of an issue for melee leaders) and Stupidity (again, not much of a problem for melee leaders).

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Re: Possessed Heroes Feel Underpowered

Postby davinewrath » 22 January 2016, 13:06

My first warband member to hit level 10 was one of my mutants. He'd got Clawed Feet and Crown of Bones, and I'd been using him as a heavy armour & shield parry tank. A few times he'd carried my warband through tough missions, and at some point I'd given him shield mastery. I was hoping to get a main arm mutation at level 10, of course he got an off-arm mutation preventing him from using a shield and making him less effective at his role. I don't have the time to keep grinding to level up heroes, so this was disappointing. Perhaps a choice of two randomly selected mutations when reaching the required levels would be a decent compromise?


Re: Possessed Heroes Feel Underpowered

Postby chaoticmaniac » 23 January 2016, 12:45

I think one of the best solution would be to improve the number of mutations. less chances of crippling ones (but still could happen). Adding black blood (damage opponent in melee when hit), scorpion tail and the fear causing mutation would require minor work from the devs and could help differentiate a bit too.

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Re: Possessed Heroes Feel Underpowered

Postby MANoob » 25 January 2016, 15:27

Haha, that's the first time I see someone complaining their leader is a spellcaster. You know, skaven actually promote a sorc to a leader role because casters make perfect leadership/support build. Also, why the hell would you want heavy armor on the magister? To then waste 6 skill points on armour proficiency so that he doesn't move like a pregnant turtle? There are much better skill choices for the leader. If you want a tank, you can use a hero.

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Re: Possessed Heroes Feel Underpowered

Postby Treliant » 03 February 2016, 02:43

Kes posted in the steam forums that they are looking into changing the mutation levels to 1,4,7 instead of 1,5,10. This should go along toward helping folks hire characters that don't become useless 3 levels later. Here's hoping they can do it without hitting a weird coding wall.

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