Dark Soul

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Dark Soul

Postby devilred » 24 November 2015, 14:54

Hi Mates
What do you thing about Dark soul Havy Armour with 2handed. Give them Defensive stance and Awarnes?
I try that but cant see Its works or not. :) Thats works like enemy vgot less chance to hit me? Or just make less damage?
Second build are guys with Frenzy. That simple. Hit hard and Die in pain. :)
I try find something different then just dodge or parry.

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Re: Dark Soul

Postby Jisur » 24 November 2015, 20:13

In my opinion heavy armor is not worth it till you skilled armor proficiency.

Giving them a two handed weapon means they will not be able to parry. And heavy armor gives penalty to dodge.

Melee resistance gives reduced chance to be hit, while damage reduction such as given by heavy armor reduces the damage :)

Frenzy sounds fun :) But they will be squashy :|

Not been playing possessed much but I think I would play dark souls with 2 handed weapon and in cloth armor at first and then once they got 4 OP I would train them in armor proficiency and equip them with mace and shield for tanking.
And if I wanted them as damage dealers I would have them equipped with 2 handed weapon and cloth armor till they got 5 OP. Then I would train them in heavy armor and equip them with two weapons, one sword so they could parry.

2 handed build with defensive stance might do once you get high enough melee resistance.

Just my piece of mind, as I said I have not played possessed that much.

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Re: Dark Soul

Postby devilred » 24 November 2015, 20:56

Thanx mate thats helps. :)
I just play SP. So not big deal. Loved them charge with great Sword-Axe or two Toys :).
Make lots of mistakes, like give for one Diredevil skill :). After I realized how its works. Next mission guy fight and death alone. :) Im cruel :twisted:
When I finish main story, probably i put This fat and chubby warband, to be devoured in MP. :)


Re: Dark Soul

Postby Aivan » 02 December 2015, 09:13

I like them to hit hard. I play them with 2handed weapons all around, but no armour for dodge. Of course its not the best choice :D

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Re: Dark Soul

Postby davinewrath » 06 December 2015, 21:00

My Darksouls started off with no armour and 2-H weapons. When it got to the point that my enemies got decent enough dodge and they weren't hitting often, I switched them to 1-H weapons, shields and light armour and they function well as blockers while my heroes move around doing the damage. Being immune to all alone is great for this role!

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Re: Dark Soul

Postby Shadewarp » 18 December 2015, 15:29

I tend to have one or two heavy tanky Darksouls and the rest are running two-handers. I'm currently working on getting their agility high enough to get sidestep as they are becoming very squishy in only cloth armor.

The tanky ones are perfect for adding quick incission strikes to the enemy so that the two-handers can run in and wreck havock.

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Re: Dark Soul

Postby Azmodeus » 19 December 2015, 08:06

I start mine with Heavy Armor and Greataxe, and take armor proficient as my first skill. While they are slow at the start this also means they will be at the back of my Warband for the first few battles and they probably won't get targeted and die.

When they get their forth OP I switch to an Axe and Shield to get the more damage out of them. At the fifth OP I switch back to a Greataxe for massive damage and Axe and Shield as secondary for when I have to tank some hits with him. By that point I use them as second hitters after a hero has engaged so their Greataxes won't have to go through parry/dodge and can do massive damage.

The Passive skills I take are Armor Proficient+Knowledge: Mordheim to get rid of the movement penalty and Shield Specialist+Awareness for melee resistance.

The Active Skills I take are Kidney Strike+Strong Blow for when he's got his shield equipped, Insult for Enemy Melee Resistance reduction and Defensive Stance for extra Melee Resistance.

This way he can take a few hits when he's got his Greataxe equipped and he can tank with Axe and Shield if he's out of position or has been swarmed.

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