Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

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Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby Lehmund » 22 November 2015, 22:37

Hey guys,

I've tried the Slave of the Shadows mission for Possessed twice so far and seems like I'm missing something.

Use Oil bombs to get the enemy possessed and Thug off the Dark Blessing and the Imbued Poison Globes to remove Thug's other buff, but I can't seem to be able to get Thug down in health very much. In melee he constantly crits with 94 damage per shot and using 3-4 ranged characters, hit chance is only 40-50% and doing 10-15 points of damage per shot. At 750 health, I just can,t wittle him down fast enough before I run out of Oil bombs and he becomes invulnerable again.

What am I missing?

Or is it that the mission is just way too tough? I mean its the first Possessed mission after level 5 at 2000 rating... it shouldn't be that hard if I'm doing it right..


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Re: Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby devilred » 23 November 2015, 17:29

Menage that mission after 3 atemps :). First I have no clue what to do. Second time stuck without oil bombs. Third time sloughter him with impressive. Dark Soul lost his hand, sweet :). I thing dodgers works well agains him. And more oil bombs in team during start then more easy.
BTW blitzkreig on top, works the best. Firs and second time I move slowly. And I was easy blocked by tought bastards :).


Re: Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby chaoticmaniac » 10 December 2015, 10:53

Just a quick question: the goons and the ogre stop regenerating only when on fire?
the debuff from the poison globe is permanent or do you need to use more than one?


Re: Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby Huppifluppi » 28 December 2015, 18:00

Magic Damage works also! Even when they aren't on fire. Magic buffs for melee also seemed to work - but to a smaller degree. I positioned my mages behind my impressive warrior who stunned them.


Re: Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby Sneggy » 09 January 2016, 20:11

Where are people getting the oil bombs from? I cant find any.

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Re: Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby Doom » 21 January 2016, 02:37

Yeah, this is another stupid-tough mission. Seriously, the range on the warp globes is what, 1m?

So if you don't know in advance to put the guy in front with the lose. Yeesh.


Re: Slave of the Shadows Possessed mission

Postby Guest » 21 January 2016, 14:22

hello im new at the game and i have a question about the same mission... how do u remove the dark blessing buff? i cant even get to the ogre becouse i took a bad way and i got into combar right after heading up and i cant kill anything becoz of the buff

im planning on letting merga die so i auto-lose, this is the first time im playing a mission where i cant kill anything exept the assassin in the cave right at the start so please give me some tipps so i dont have to lose everything xD

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