Feels too restrictive compared to others

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Feels too restrictive compared to others

Postby Waywatcher » 10 June 2016, 08:33

This is my first impressions of this faction..correct me if I am wrong...

No parry weapons.
So basically all heavy armors should use shields or your just gimping yourself? I thought this was the warband who were supposed to be the all in heavy infantry style! I can understand using like a halberd, spear or sword in a heavy strength fighter...as your parry would allow you to be offensive with some defence. Sisters simply can't do that..

No ranged
This has bothered me less than i expected in all honesty but still it seems a rather big disadvantage in the long run and the spells just aren't in the same league for damage and can backfire! I wouldn't see this so bad if you weren't restricted so much on other things aswell.

No Bladed weapons
Sometimes its not just a functionality thing but a looks thing...its not like if a Sister picked up an axe she would be saying -"What do I do with this?"

Are buff spells really supposed to make up for not being able to use 2/3 of the weapons in the game?

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Re: Feels too restrictive compared to others

Postby Arganan » 20 June 2016, 12:35

some notes:

No parry weapons: parry dual wield is in my opinion less effective like dodging, because there are to much option to decrease parry chance or to ignor them. So i usually use parry in combination with a shield. In comparission to other warband the sister have a nice skill to push dodge chance up to 30%. So they can even dodge in heavy armor. Sister have annother skills and spells to push Melee resistance(MR). So Sisters can make one of the best melee resist tanks in Mordheim. Despite the bug with the 21% to hit you can increase MR up to 115%

no ranged: Well there are no range weapons, but when you listen to other posts you will see how powerfull the damage-spell from the sister can be. You will find a lot of user who say that the spells are much better then any range weapon.


Re: Feels too restrictive compared to others

Postby Simcc » 04 July 2016, 06:10

So far I think sister is really good. They are my most successful warband so without a single lost at the moment.

No range - I only find black powder range deadly, other than that it's just a hinder to the warband. Any range weapon can't beat a sister in 1v1.

Spells - I only find the sister have heal spells IIRC which makes them super great. They have the best spells if you know how to plan the order to use them making even a sister becoming a monster, they can make friendly move further and add with sigmar blessing they absolutely dominate in any melee and heal after the fight.

Parry - only my high levels use those with shield. Most of my sister use double hammer or two handed hammer. You got to loves how those henchmen knock out a hero with it.

Melee master - with no ballistic skills to add on points are spend on weapons skills and accuracy and in the long run even a henchmen can dish out huge amount of damage and crits hit easily making even the strongest leaders and heroes fearful of a simple sister.

Leadership - high leadership means they can take on even the strongest chaos monster and survive it, my sister have the greatest chance of killing a possessed than any other warband I use so far.

For fast runner use the novice with flail and they will always be the first few that move first and if you include the heroes that can grant further move it makes the novice a super scout. Only skaven can have a faster build.

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