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Sisters and Smugglers

Posted: 26 May 2016, 04:08
by IAmButADream
Aside from any "breaking the immersion" issues having a Sisters of Sigmar warband run with a smuggler, has anyone had success using a Smuggler with the Sisters?

At the moment I have a level 7 Sisters of Sigmar Warband, The Sisterhood of the Fail, which I have a Sister Superior, a Purifier and a Maiden of Sigmar as my Hero/Impressive choices. Seeing the Purifier plays more of a support role, raining down Comets and scouting, I was thinking of swapping her for a ranged speced Smuggler to provide more powerful range support with a rifle.


Re: Sisters and Smugglers

Posted: 28 May 2016, 15:17
by Karond
Mobility vs risk.

A smuggler (or marksman hero) will probably do more damage, but gunpowder reload costs means you have to pretty stationary. That's the drawback compared with comet spamming, since then you can just cast it all and run away and hide with all SP remaining. On the other hand, no mordheim's curse...

I like the smugglers and I used one in a sisters warband as well, for ranged attacks but also heavily using stun traps in doorways and such. It's a versatile unit that benefits quite a bit from knowledge:mordheim.

Re: Sisters and Smugglers

Posted: 07 June 2016, 12:42
by IAmButADream
Thanks Karond.

I have been using the Smuggler instead of the Purifier and it has been really successful. Even with having to find a good sniper location, the extra range and high damage that the Smuggler has with a rifle is a game changer. And her traps are also awesome, specially for guarding her sniper roost.

Re: Sisters and Smugglers

Posted: 17 February 2017, 09:30
by Mekren
Sooo, I'm building my new level 7 smuggler after my second purifier took too many injuries to remain viable in combat. I messed up a bit when training her, not paying enough attention to skills before assessing stats. I bought vital shot without taking notice I had access to sniper shot.

So, I have a lvl 8 smuggler with vital shot and 9 precision (having used the tome of library mission to buff it by 3). I can either afford vital shot mastery OR basic sniper shot. But I need to understand a thing before.

Testing vital shot gives strange results. Against a zealot with no helmet, my 24% crit goes down to 20% with a standart shot (which is logical considering toughness of the target). When I try a vital shot against the same target, despite +10% crit implied by the skill, I only roll a 25% crit chance (half of what the skill is supposed to give me).

Question : is there a cap to crit chance ? Or something I miss about how the whole thing is working ? If I master vital shot will it stay at 25, go up at 30 on the same logic or will I get a real +10% and end up at 35 ?
If I don't reach 35 then it's not really worth investing and having a basic sniper shot would do better on the long run to take out engaged targets.

Thoughts ?