Retire in peace, Barbara Tael!

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Retire in peace, Barbara Tael!

Postby PHRAETUS » 02 April 2016, 13:32

I will miss Barbara.
The third Henchman (woman?) I hired, waaaay back at the beginning of this mess.
She started out a Level One Novice & managed to make it all the way to level 10 with barely a scratch.
Capable of leaping out of the way of almost every fell blow, she was truly a marvel. It was she who would be summoned to do battle with the worst that would appear in the murky streets of Mordheim, lithely leap out of reach before landing telling blow after blow.
But as time wore on she dodged just that little bit slower, reacted just that little too late, eventually losing an eye, and then a leg.
Still she fought on bravely, but now the minor injuries started to pile up & her effectiveness began to wane.
This evening, she leapt into the path of a massive Chaos beast thundering a path towards her younger, less experienced sisters. She halted its charge and held it up long enough for others to step in & rain blow upon blow on it's beastly hide.
In it's fury, as a last desperate act, the beast swept low & tore her remaining flesh & blood leg off.
Now completely incapacitated, she retires to a happy place, a place of clean sheets & gentle song birds.
You will be sorely missed Barbara Tael.

227 hours of play. My first non death, non fired retirement! She was EPIC!!

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Re: Retire in peace, Barbara Tael!

Postby DinneNotDinner » 02 April 2016, 16:54

Truly she will be missed. She was a beautiful soul. Hopefully, she is with Sigmar now. It's great to heard the songs sung of such a heroine in our midst. Let us also hope that she can be a beacon of hope that shines and guides our people.

PS: Let's also hope they didn't drag her soul down into the pit of the shadowlord... :shock: :mrgreen:

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