Act2.3 Disappointed

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Act2.3 Disappointed

Postby devilred » 12 December 2015, 16:50

Not too easy?
Generally, before the last patch Act 2 first and second missions for Possesed was a challenge for me. I lost my beloved mascot "Kitty Kitty" Impresive. :(. And overall the quality of my crew went down. Mostly by my mistakes. So I took a break and started girls.
And somehow all is too easily. And today, mentioned mission with Chimera disappointed me. Beast quickly went down. 1.5 turn. Few rats and low damage from acid. And sisters studded with healing spells. No chelange :(
What are your impressions?

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Re: Act2.3 Disappointed

Postby Zjivago » 17 December 2015, 19:58

Yes, quite easy I guess. Although I can for the life of me understand how the hell I am supposed to use the binding rod to break the bindings?

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Re: Act2.3 Disappointed

Postby MrPyro » 18 December 2015, 10:46

Move the unit with the binding rod to the platform above the manticore (it's where the Chaos Leader started). You get there by running up the stairs at the back of that area, then there's a jump up node to the top platform.

Also, make sure to loot the enemy's chest; there's about 180 wyrdstone in there :)

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Re: Act2.3 Disappointed

Postby Reece » 20 December 2015, 05:53

Is there another mission after this?

EDIT: Nevermind... it finally popped up. How many sections are in Act II?

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Re: Act2.3 Disappointed

Postby MrPyro » 29 December 2015, 11:28

4 missions in each act


Re: Act2.3 Disappointed

Postby Guest » 16 December 2016, 14:39

howo do you lure the beast it disappear on me 5 round ago :(

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