My Warband, the “Griffon Claws”

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Re: My Warband, the “Griffon Claws”

Postby Guest » 03 January 2016, 12:09

Hey m8,

I have a SoS warband myself, and as far as Sigmar's Purifier goes, you cannot disengage them as they have last stand perk (much like impressives).

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Re: My Warband, the “Griffon Claws”

Postby Stevie980 » 04 January 2016, 15:41

Pretty much like you i use a similar build,tanky henchgirls and Matriarch(Absurd tank she is,i consider her more valuable than even the Maiden), Sister Superior,Purifier and Maiden are Dodge builded to avoide damage(Heroes use light armor, Maiden heavy) and the three use two handed,i am lazy now, but when i decided i will use two Purifiers, she is better overall and you can spam Comet and healing(Augur is shit).

For random maps i use only 5 warriors,maybe 6, all with the Luck Trinket in case things goes bad but they rarely goes, always choose maps that you can start together, random maps is a death traps for your warriors agains Deadly difficult, i usually control my opponent sparing the leader and another one so the rout test isn't triggered and while that 2 warriors sweep the map taking wyrdstones and formulas, the neverending healing assures that the warriors holding the enemies stay alive, it is a little boring but it is effecting for stones and good loot, but i only do that in Exceptional or Good, below that is waste of time.

Agains opponents who use Armbands and thus cannot be parried, i just spam healing and Sigmar's might(You shall level it up, it is more than worthy it) while the Maiden take everything down, that is another perk of use high resist armor, even when you take some it barely damage you.

Very nice post, Sister of Sigmar in late game if played properly is very hard to loose, on campaign i seldomly lose a warrior,only to Smite(Damn that thing), but when it happened my warriors always full recovered, i guess it is intended or i was just really,really lucky.

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Re: My Warband, the “Griffon Claws”

Postby Urothar » 07 January 2016, 20:52

Update on my Henchgirls
The general setup can be found here:

Updated Skills for level 10
As defensive skills I have chosen:
Web of Steel – for two parrying attempts
Flash Parry – to increase parry chance
Shield Specialist – to increase parry chance (and melee resistance)
Resilient – increases crit resistance
As offensive skills I have chosen:
Swift Charge – for an improved charge
Strong Blow – for higher damage and reduction of enemy's parry chance
Additional skill:
Armor Proficient – to decrease movement modifier from heavy armor

My favorite weapon is:
Hammer of Luck – high damage (although low initiative) with the enchantment increasing crit resistance.
Also I have two Henchgirls with flails as they have +10 Initiative (see below under Tactics).
In general I would like to get the "luck"-enchantment for all my girls...

In total with this setup the Henchgirls reach:
Melee Resistance 38%
Crit Resistance 32% (inclding weapon with "luck")
Parry Chance 90%

As mentioned before, I use my Henchgirls to keep enemies in close-combat. Quite important is the initiation of the melee – I always try to position my girls so that another of my characters can join the fight. Also I try to see that the enemy cannot disengage, but that I can.

Also I use my Henchgirls to take the dodge/parry attempts of enemy characters so that afterwards my heros can hit them. So I equipped two of my henchgirls with flails for 57 initiative in total that fits quite well to my Sistor Superior. If needed, I can delay my Sistor Superior once to hit with my Henchgirl first and take the dodge/parry attempts. Of course, I have to see during the deployment of the mission that the correct Henchgirl is with my Sister Superior...

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Re: My Warband, the “Griffon Claws”

Postby Nightwalker » 29 January 2016, 07:09

Sister superior dodge? Does that make sense?
I play her parry tank...She can just avoid the immune to parry dudes
I use novice as an agility tank.

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