Mordheim TT Campaign

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Mordheim TT Campaign

Postby Gramalian » 04 February 2015, 18:45

Would anyone be interested in a TT campaign on Roll20 while we wait for this game to be finished? Would be a great chance for vets to show newer Mordheim players where the game came from. If anyone is interested just post here and we can go over the basic rules and come up with a few house rules to help out the mechanics that are less then ideal from the TT.

Anyway I hope to hear back from you all.

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Re: Mordheim TT Campaign

Postby Arachnidious » 10 February 2015, 18:29

I want to play Mordheim or Lustria. But what you mean? Is it internet special site? Or you just gather people from your city? If it can be played with Internet, I totally agree. For Sisters in Mordheim or Lizardmen in Lustria. As for rule, I prefer full set of rules wit all aditional tables for crits and misfire.
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