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Re: Show your Warband!

Postby alltaken » 10 December 2014, 23:21

Hi guys,

This is are my project warbans as follow. Mind that we pay mordheimer which seems more balanced and has some other warband options, which we are trying lately.
You can follow my progress whichs has been going slowly here: ... nds!/page4

The full warbands list available to my group:
* Mercs: -averland - marienburg - middenheim -reikland (thinking on doing ostland)
* Witch Hunters
* Sisters of Sigmar
* Dwarfs (some friends minis no pics)
* Wood Elves (my fantasy minis, in whatever order no pics - mordheimer band)
* Dark Elves (some friends minis no pics - mordheimer band)
* Beastmen (some friends minis no pics)
* Cult of the possesed
* Von Carsteins undead
* Skaven Clan Eshin
* Black Orcs
Full collection.jpg
The current colection (lacks 1 skaven, the assasin stand in, and the warrior priest for witch hunters)
hired arms.jpg
hired arms for multipurpose
Merc henchmen.jpg
Merc henchmen, missing regular non marksmen henchmen that are still in sprue (empire militia)
Reikland mer warband just heroes
Middenheim mer warband just heroes
Marienburg merc warband just heroes
Averland merc warband just hereos
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Re: Show your Warband!

Postby alltaken » 10 December 2014, 23:25

next in line:
Sample board game.jpg
Sample game shot. I played middenheim and won! wohoo
Witch hunters henchmen.jpg
witch hunter henchmen, did not take heroes pick since I didnt have my WP with me then
Sisters of sigmar.jpg
Sisters with 3 minis from reaper for heroes, its damn hard finding the original at any purchasable price, also have no novices here.
Skaven (clan eshin in mordheimer) missing assasin
Von carsteins.jpg
Undead (von carsteins for mordheimer, spectracl dogs come from a friends collection)
Cult of the Possesed
Black orcs.jpg
Black orcs (mordheimer band)

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Re: Show your Warband!

Postby Velgarn » 24 December 2014, 21:43

Velgarn, what rules did you use for your giant? :)

Jonkenden, Mordheim Rulebooks should be free thanks to GW policy on specialist games.

Even if the model is a giant, i used her as a simple Ogre Mercenary, with armor and two handed weapon :lol:

I use the Core Book Rules + random encounters + town cirers and empire in flames, that's all

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Re: Show your Warband!

Postby Sputnik » 24 December 2014, 21:54

Is that the old Ogre-miniature from Battle Masters? :lol:

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Re: Show your Warband!

Postby NoName » 29 December 2014, 17:51

My Ostland :)

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