Skaven Veteran System

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Skaven Veteran System

Postby Mrwho » 14 November 2016, 20:37

Hello folks, I'm a new player to mordheim and after 2-3 new warbands I've finaly got a semblance of understanding on how to manage my units propely in battle and have a somewhat decent build to their gears.

Thing is I'm still totaly clueless on how to use my veteran system to further improve my army and it would be very good to get some seasoned players advice to sort this one out.

Right now I just have the armourer's apprentice contract cause I figured it would might come in handing down the line.

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Re: Skaven Veteran System

Postby drarz » 14 November 2016, 23:38

Contract extenders in price reducers are the 2 most obvious for new players. In my opinion. If you have characters die, replacing their gear will be cheaper and if you are having trouble gathering resources. You will have more days to complete your contracts.

After those I would suggest suppliers of any equipment you use frequently. If 4 of your 5 henchman use heavy armor. I would probably get a heavy armor supplier.

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Re: Skaven Veteran System

Postby Leadpaintchips » 15 November 2016, 01:13

I'd agree on the price reducers, because of how lethal Mordheim can be. Contract extenders also helps out a new warband, so that there's not as much of a clock. Personally, I'd go with the enchanting recipe, because you will be using those, and completing them all is a pain. After these I'd say it's up to preference. I scout a decent amount, so I go with that one.

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Re: Skaven Veteran System

Postby sebwiers » 08 January 2017, 04:42

A scholar (I think that's the one what reduces skill training costs) is a huge benefit in the long run, because skills suck up SO much gold. I'd say that is the single biggest money saver on the list, by far.

From what I see, a Librarian is almost a must have. You might get lucky and have decent enchanting formulas turn up at the market, but again, they are very expensive, and having more gives you a better chance of getting some you really like.

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