My First Skaven defeat

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My First Skaven defeat

Postby Uglyrat » 10 March 2016, 13:33

Hi everyone!

It's been like two weeks sice I last play with my Skaven Warband, but last night I wanted to play again with them. I've choose only 4 rats, My assasin, the shooter and two warp gards. All them leavel 10, with purple enchanted wargear, except for one warpgard who was level 8.
Make the mistake to choose a scenario were I coudn't deply them (Huge mistake), and then I saw my enemy SISTERS ! But I was confident enough, I tried to move them together, but my warpgard level 8 was pretty far away and in open field. I didn't saw were the sisters were except for a purifier that I engaged with my leader then I saw a Sister (not novice) With a two handed hammer, she charges my warp gard, it's a crit, (around 100 points of damage, and the gard is kissing the floor). But it's still ok, then the matriarc came and engaged my unconcious warp gard and almost killed him. At the purifier turn she send two comets and killed my gard, then the sister and the matriarch engaged my leader (rat sandwich), blood everywere, killed him first and then went after my other warpgard.

I was very surprised, a bit upset with myself, but also loving the game even more. I think that makes the game challenging and reflects the TT game very good, there is no mercy on the streets of Mordheim. It doesn't matter if you have a level 10 warband you can always loose, so don't be overconfident!
Just wanted to share those toughts with you. Forgive my bad english, hope you have understood it.

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