More units???

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More units???

Postby Olliesmith6121 » 09 December 2015, 08:28

I remember playing the table top version for hours and one of the thing I enjoyed most was customising and painting my warband.

- I'd like to see at least for the Hereos some sort of full customisation down to what length his whiskers are.

- adding units from warhammer fantasy, as they are the same universe we used many weapons from warhammer suck as the warp can and mounted worries which are missing from this game for any race.

What would you like to see for the future of he skaven?


Re: More units???

Postby -CptSmeea- » 27 November 2016, 07:13

To be honest the costumisation feels a little sallow at the moment (no offense to the devs) 1 or more face/head options would be awesome (even for the rats). I even thinking about a cape off option, or maybe some sort of replace like a backpack or something. A "cool looking costum. DLC". Would be awesome.

Yea i know ppl think this kind of stuff should be free (or some of us Anyway) but i have to be ön the devs side here, so far they made quality work, and i respect that.

Now about the more units... I do love idea of the ratling gunner in the game, or that sniper rifle thingy ... that for some reason i cannot recall it's name. A warlock engeneer feels like a neat concept, but it is basicly a heavy armored caster type , or gadgets & gismos to be more currect ... mehhh i never félt the magister satisfying, but the globadier is a lot of fun . Maybe a plague monk could be a fun addition to the hero roster.

I have some idea (as im sure most of us do) for the other warbands but i don't want to pollute the forum here so... Guess ware my toughts about the skaven.


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