Dodge Tanks?

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Re: Dodge Tanks?

Postby Dragzal » 17 December 2015, 19:55

Chance to succeed : min = 1%, max = 95%
Melee resist build seem good, but when you use shield, you loose too much damages. Skavens' weapons for leaders are really good.
Not sure if max Agility is really the best for melee resi. For warpguard, i think i would prefer max out toughness and take Anticipation (with Hardy maybe). Then you are really tanky, but you can dealt good damages with Frenzy/BlackHunger if needed.

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Re: Dodge Tanks?

Postby Ordrek » 26 December 2015, 06:27

It doesn't matter how much damage you do if you never get it. I just played a game where one of my heroes literally tanked the entire enemy warband (all 4 of them) and killed all of them. I just let all of them live until I got all of them within one hit and then one hit each of them all in one turn. Because they had a 1% chance to hit it just didn't matter that I only did 17 - 25 damage per hit.

This is only possible if you go very extreme into melee resist. If you spread out you aren't specialized enough and won't get the last few points of resist that really matter. The difference between 1% chance to be hit and 6% isn't 5%, it is taking 600% more damage.

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Re: Dodge Tanks?

Postby Astralwyrm » 26 December 2015, 13:40

We are talking about single player? That does sound like Melee resist to the extreme even if some support is needed for it. There is quite alot of parry/dodge bypass not such a good selection of +hit rate/ -melee resist in the game and the AI is at worst going to throw an insult your way once in awhile.

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Re: Dodge Tanks?

Postby Ordrek » 27 December 2015, 01:23

When talking about chances there is always a 5% chance to succeed or fail, think of a mechanic and it applies. Drildgen can correct me if i am wrong.
That is incorrect. There is a max 95% chance to succeed, but chance to succeed can go as low as 1%. Since melee resist tanks rely on lowering an enemy's chance to succeed on hit instead of their own chance to succeed on a dodge/parry, they can effectively get 99% immunity to melee, and there is no limit on the number of enemy attacks this can affect.


Re: Dodge Tanks?

Postby Guest » 27 September 2016, 10:40

Try a Melee Resist build instead. You can get enemy to-hit chance down to 1%, and it has no limit on number of swings it can take.

Assassins and Nightrunners make the best MR tanks. Max out Agility and Weapon Skill, take Defensive Stance, Shield Mastery, and Awareness. Use Shields of Shielding. Buff with Combat Savvy. 116 MR with these items.

Opponents need more than +36% to hit to even dent that 1% chance to hit (Weapon Skill is 2% per point).

This sounds cool, Im new in game and Im looking for idea how to make good working warband build vs AI.
Can You give bit more informations, like how to plan this from early game, how to set up in warband?
From which character (leader or hero) it would best to build such tank?
F.e Hero (f.e night runner) - tank, leader - caster, or other idea for setup?

My current build is (made from 1st game start so nothing specific):

Leader: Assassin Adept
Str: 3
T: 10
Agi: 12
Lead: 15
Int: 12
Alert: 9
WS: 7
BS: 12
Acc: 14

Armour: Cloth
Main weapon: warplock pistols/ 2nd weapon: weeping blades
Skills: Defense Breach, Quick Reload, Trick Shooter, Warp Poison

Hero: Night Runner
Str: 3
T: 10
Agi: 14
Lead: 9
Int: 7
Alert: 10
WS: 3
BS: 15
Acc: 9

Armour: Cloth
Main weapon: warplock pistols/ 2nd weapon: Claws
Skills: Defense Breach, Quick Reload, Trick Shooter, Warp Poison

3x Warpguard / Henchman

Str: 6
T: 12
Agi: 4
Lead: 9
Int: 6
Alert: 3
WS: 14
BS: 2
Acc: 5

Armour: Heavy armour
Weapon: Spear and shield
Skills: Warp Immunity, Shield Specialist, Flash Parry.

Idea was to use Warpguard / Henchman tanks to block enemy and shoot him to death by using leader and hero (possible from highground).
This kinda works but I feel that my tanks are not that tanky vs hard or even some normal enemys with luck (and 2h weapon).
Sometimes its hard to take quick good position and without this warband can be easy lost, when I take position Im force to lure enemy one by one (max 2 at once), in this way I cant just rush for warpstone, Im force to let AI take all and then take warpstones from their dead bodys.
Now Im looking for some new, good idea for my warband.
I will be glad for help.

Thank You and best regards

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Re: Dodge Tanks?

Postby sebwiers » 07 January 2017, 20:32

Melee resist build seem good, but when you use shield, you loose too much damages. Skavens' weapons for leaders are really good.
Depends on the build / advancements. The "tiring" weapon attribute is a really big hidden drain on damage, tactical options, and debuff output. One of my current heros has 8 OP. A shield and single weapon is great for him because it lets him attack 4 times (ad boosts his melee resist). That's a lot of damage output, seems to be as much or more than he could get from just about anything else and it doesn't require any skills. 4 attacks with stackable passives like "Quick Incision" is much nastier than 2 or 3 that do the same damage.

Its not at all uncommon for me to kill a target with the second or third hit, and them move on to another. Big weapons are good if only taking on one big target, but being able to nibble away quickly and efficiently is how rats destroy the entire world...

Basically, anybody who has an even number of OP, I tend to run with a shield unless they have an active skill attack (which most of my guys do not, I run a swarm of passives). At 4 OP, there's no reason I can see NOT to use a shield. At 6 OP I'll consider a tiring weapon so that I can charge & make a second attack, or do an Action Skill attack + basic attack, but a shield & basic weapon is still very viable. At 8 OP the shield again seems best, because even if you have action skill attacks, you could make two of those and one basic attack (and that one's effectiveness is potentially boosted by the effects of the action skills).

Long story short - lots of cheap OP cost attacks = more attack debuff effects and more tactical options.

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