Rat ogre

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Rat ogre

Postby Olliesmith6121 » 04 December 2015, 13:13

Just wanted to share a little tip, your horned rat wizard comes with guidance so keep him near your ogre and cast every other turn to null the affect of stupidity.

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Re: Rat ogre

Postby Doom » 07 December 2015, 00:37

Good tip.

Say, how do you get a rat ogre? What level does your warband have to be? Do you have to do anything special?


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Re: Rat ogre

Postby askanbr » 07 December 2015, 02:59

Warband must be level 5, and he occupies 2 hero slot

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Re: Rat ogre

Postby Twahn » 07 December 2015, 08:21

Doom, check my post in your ogre thread of you're still having trouble here. :)

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