Merc wins always follow increase in difficulty

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Merc wins always follow increase in difficulty

Postby vrigor1 » 29 June 2016, 02:22

I have been playing the game for only the past day, so maybe its just my terrible luck but figured i would check here first. Gone through around 10 or 11 warbands now, restarting due to second or third mission (couple times first) being WAY harder than others and results after mission terrible.

Example of what i'm talking about:

First mission vs witch hunters I killed their whole warband without having any casualties AND i was bale to get 16 pieces of wardstone as well (was pretty stoked). lots of experience all around which was cool. Second mission (still normal difficulty) was against chaos. It had me split into 3 patrols while enemy was at their cart in the center. I put most of my group in the spot where i could plop down 4, and my archer i put at the closest point to me to come and join with the main force. I moved 2 of my 4 guys closer to where my archer was, then before my other 2 guys got to move a chaos guy came from what seemed like nowhere (i wasn't THAT close to their cart yet) and hit my Hero for 78 dmg almost killing him. I move my Leader next and attack him twice but leader misses both times. Then chaos moved one more guy in who hits my hero for 20ish dmg and takes him down. Following turn the henchmen that originaly moved with my hero attacked their henchman that hit me and misses. Then their henchman hits mine for 78 damage again. My hero attacks him and hits once for 30 i believe, and then the second guy of theirs finishes my henchman. At this point I figure i've lost and try to disengage to have my other henchmen be the one killed so i can route. Before my leader gets to go the 2 enemies that have been goign before him get to attack him first, again hitting for 78 and not sure what the other hit for (or if he hit) but when my leader got to go i disengaged and when i tried to move i ran into another that was waiting behind a wall with ambush up that hits and takes out my leader. After the battle ends i figure "hey its my first loss cant be that bad" but my Leader Died, my Hero lost an arm, and my henchmen also lost an arm(henchmen being replaceable but had nice exp). So now i'm basically starting over after the SECOND match.

That has happened more than 2 or 3 times now. Which is why i'm asking if that is the case. That was the most recent one, and yes the crit damage was the same number every time. I dont remember if it was the same during the previous matches where i went up against something similar. If this is the case i will start making a sacrificial go after i win a match so i lose and get an easier match and i dont lose anyone important (hiding my leader)

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Re: Merc wins always follow increase in difficulty

Postby Sheep » 04 July 2016, 03:43

Why do you restart after losing one match? You will not go through your mordheim campaign undefeated, and a loss isn't the end of the world. As your warband gets better so do your foes, but on the Brightside, if you get weakened, your next opponent will be scaled to you as well. While your starting out, stick with normal missions, keep your guys together and stay calm.

Don't hide your leader, but don't have out in front either. Engage with a henchman and have you leader join in. Got to be some perks to being the boss.


Re: Merc wins always follow increase in difficulty

Postby Simcc » 04 July 2016, 04:59

First off the merc is one of the balance warband and sometimes it's weak if you bring the wrong guys into a fight.

Let's look at the fight before you join, if you see scattered groups etc try to avoid those as human merc as they can't stand up alone in most fight. Try to pick those mission where your team stays together.

Secondly look at the opponent when you start the battle:
1. Skavens - do not roam alone or you die even if it's your powerhouse heroes and leaders. They are very fast and can surround you very easy and with swarm rules can easily stun you with a sword or dagger. Always engage skavens with a group. Melee character preferred over range.
2. Witch hunter - this is an annoying bunch to handle and their henchmen hit very hard and do not run away so do not engage them with your heroes or you will die. Best thing to do is shot them with black powder weapons and use some henchmen to hold the line and flank using heroes.
3. Sisters - they are like a rock and moving fortress and beware how hard they can hit, being the only group with no range you will notice they have high weapons skills and accuracy hence can easily do Hugh damage in melee with stuns along the way. I find using black power weapons best against them as they are generally slow with heavy armor.
4. Chaos - we'll never underestimate any of them even the henchmen as they are very very powerful warband, with the correct build they excel better in melee than sisters. They have the most scary heroes too, possessed can eat your whole warband if you feed him 1v1. And most of them don't run away or do morale test so doing multiple attack is not as useful. Careful positioning and retreating works as you can bait them apart, possessed + marauder = instant death of any henchmen in 1 turn so split them and shot them.

The strongest weapon that merc have is black powder weapons but do not fall into the trap of taking too many marksman as you won't be able to hold the line. Less melee means win for merc, my warband so far is from Ostermark and all of them carry pistols which I shot run away switch weapon to engage next round. Halberd is great for henchmen with good skills as they can hit hard and party and great sword is your best friend if you have good crit.

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