Act I

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Iron Horse
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Act I

Postby Iron Horse » 18 December 2015, 15:57

I like this game, but the first story mission is a little rough. It would be nice to have some intelligence prior to going into the mission. For example, I am on the first story mission where I have to place barrels of explosives around the sewer. Where exactly are the sewer entrances? I placed the first eight, but am swarmed as I try to find the last one, by a unrelenting tide of Skaven.

Where is the last sewer entrance? Is it on the far west side of the map somewhere?

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Re: Act I

Postby Merlin » 18 December 2015, 16:23

Yes, they marked area in the west side. You ca just go inside the sewers till you reach other entrance.

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Re: Act I

Postby PennaDSGN » 26 January 2016, 13:52

The game is a bit of a challenge I must admit! But with that being said I think everything is fair. The campaign gives you the opportunity to use your veteran, which is extremely powerful. If you're finding them a bit difficult I'd suggest just leveling up a bit more, get some better gear then come back to them that's what I did any ways. Made the game a lot more enjoyable!


Re: Act I

Postby Guest » 23 February 2016, 07:31

Has anyone else had trouble with the Temple of Sigmar? I can only find 2 sacred vessels.

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