Rank10 Hero/Marksman - advice required.

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Rank10 Hero/Marksman - advice required.

Postby Jakenreu » 18 December 2015, 15:19

Hey, need some advice with my Lads Got Talent Hero/Marksman who's just achieved Rank 10 and he has 20 skill points to spend.
He currently has just sniper shot and Eagle Eyes and a pair of Purple quality Pistols.

What would you spend those 20 skill points on - ideally ? ( ignoring stat requirements for now and gold cost ).

It's just to give me some idea of which directions/synergies to look for - he'll probably get squished by the next Chaos Spawn he meets anyway..

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Re: Rank10 Hero/Marksman - advice required.

Postby Noltem » 18 December 2015, 15:44

Well, there are skills that bypass ranged resistance and armor absortion which are always handy, hand shot is good too to minimize Impressive damage, I personally prefer a rifle on my marksmen to soften the enemy while they close in but pistols give a bit more of mobility so you might want to use pinning shot while running away and talking about that, Mordheim Knowledge is always a nice skill to have.

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Re: Rank10 Hero/Marksman - advice required.

Postby Merlin » 18 December 2015, 16:36

I've built mine with bows, using his natural passive to increase chances to land special shots as final blow. I must admit that Sniper shot usually seems useless to me, since I can do more reliable damage using:

Aim - 2 SP + 2 OP
Reload (free, passive lvl 2, obviously)
Aim - 2 SP + 2 OP
Reload (still free)
Basic shot - 2 OP
Reload 1 SP
Special Shot (usually Crippling shot).
Reload 2 SP

I also have Sniper shot and Head shot - they are generally used when I need my SP to reposition, not to Reload/Aim and stack passive.

Sharpshooter goes nice in this build, since I can have up to +12 % crit on special shot. Also need to be tested, but I believe it can go up to 16% after Overwatch stance.

Overall: Best ranged unit in Mordheim. I din't regret at all building it from Marksmen. Although I believe my build isn't optimal I'm still having fun with this guy. Also he's usually safe from injuries.

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Re: Rank10 Hero/Marksman - advice required.

Postby MarshmeLoL » 10 January 2016, 12:01

he'll probably get squished by the next Chaos Spawn he meets anyway..
Will get completely destroyed, and dare I say 1 turned by a properly built Maiden of Sigmar (200% range resistance)...
Run away little archer :)

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