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Postby Twahn » 26 November 2015, 23:06

Wow! Tough mission. Decimated my rating 3,000 warband.

I think the mission is pretty fun, despite having my arse handed to me.

One criticism I have though is that I think being successful in it is a little too reliant on pre-knowledge of how it works. I know exactly what I'll do in my next run and it'll be very much about avoiding the intuitive position to head for and bottle-necking the very tough, constant and immediate (by which I mean they will be fighting in their first turn cause the map is small and they're fast) reinforcements with my stonewall warriors.

Still, very tough mission. Probably even tougher than II-II which I also found both very fun and challenging.


Re: Act II-III

Postby NB4ever » 03 December 2015, 15:36


I don't understand the mission I have try 3 times I know al the map I have kill the tentatrice. but when I try to save teh knight he try to kill me if I kill him I loose if I don't kill him the suiccube come again and again. please help me, my wizard have ost her leg, 2 henchman are dead it's hard and I had 3000 point (now 2600 thx)
This game is amazing thanks a lot

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Re: Act II-III

Postby shima » 09 December 2015, 08:00


after killing a first time the tentatrice, you need to find the corrupt' wirdstone ( 5) on the map, when you find that, you need to kill a second time the tentatrice and open the door of knight after. hard mission, I loss an hetchmen


Re: Act II-III

Postby monmothma » 10 March 2016, 23:33

It's really important the team setup. I used a team setup with 3600 value (third time) and fail the first time with a 3200 and the second time with 3400. The third time was easy because I use the proper setup and I knew where to look for items. You have to be seriously overleveled to success the mission.
This stage is designed to avoid the normal human mercenaries evolution.
There are two types of allures: main character and reinforcements. Don't keep in mind kill all the allures because they will come back. Reinforments are really tough and deadly.

Setup: Better use shields instead of two handed weapons in order to increase melee resistance. Also I setup with defensive stance. Don't try to use Parry skill, the allure attacks cannot be parried. My first mistake.
Wizard is key, could help with curse of rust and lighting bolts. I also use an archer with Enervation bow.
Deploy the soldiers with draught of focus and health potions. Draught of focus is absolutly important because the allures have a spell of stupidity able to loose 2 turns your soldiers.
Ogre like ever is very usefull, I setup with avoid and sidestep and kidney strike and strong blow.


It's important to kill first ASAP the main allure to show the special wyrdstones (you won't see them until you kill her), it 's usual find her at the lobby (it's not important go upstairs), at the central you will find a syster, a skaven and a cult boy (easy to defeat). Then use the commander and leader to move fast rigth (and perhaps a soldier reinforment to avoid be stucked by an allure). There are a wrydstone to the left beside entering the rigth hall. Also you have to look for the key located the nearest search point beside the wyrdstone. Later, retreat this hall ASAP as possible.

Don't kill the main allure the second time until you find the 5 wyrdstones(but its usefull let her exhaust) , you will find them: - In the entrance hall, In the central hall, In the rigt hall, In the external building rigth your starting point, and near the tree at the left side.

When you have all wyrdstone kill the main allure, and she won't be back!. Main allure is not really deadly (only 2 attacks) but has near 600 health points., Don't try to kill all allures because the reinforcements will still arriving (My second mistake). Run to open the locked door at the left side with the key and save the knight and missiond will over.

It's true, its toughness mission of game, and designed to maximize human defects. You have to be very clear the path to achieve objetives or you will fail easily. The allures are able to do a huge amount of damage every turn.

I hope this guide will be useful to someone to avoid fail the mission. I want to share this information because I would like to have this information before try the mission and loss several important characters.

Good luck.

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Re: Act II-III

Postby hroch » 14 June 2016, 19:24

Hi, could you please help me to find fifth tainted wyrdstone? So far I found following

Hidden as spoiler for those who are not interested:
Spoiler : :
  • Fountain
    Main hall on the table
    Left ward with ruined tower
    Right side fo the manor - just next to the entrance on the right side
Could you please give me hint for the fifth?
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Re: Act II-III

Postby Prince Tiamath » 23 June 2016, 06:23

Chamber with the key to imprisoned knight also has a wyrdstone. Go right at the fountain and than forward. There will be a Demonette waiting there.

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Re: Act II-III

Postby hroch » 27 June 2016, 09:41

I was aware of this one, but what i was missing was house outside the manor actually.

In general this was quite hard mission. My leader died there. And for what? For dumb knight? Sigmar! Can you see that?!?!
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