Style Critique

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Style Critique

Postby Kaal979 » 21 January 2015, 13:02

Judging from the seen screens/videos/artworks for me
the overall style of the game is more than unfinished!
Not only its too dark also the colourations arent eye-pleasing
at all - Mortheim lived and lives through its rich colours and
also its fattish characters which in your game appear skinny.
See as example a old ruins concept from back in the days
before GW went to organ mafia asylum:



P.S.: Also your chars even appear like barbie dolls fresh from the
box - make them more like WH once was - examples: the old plastic
dwarfes with their hugeish hands - unbeatable or: the gobbos big
heads - all those new stuffs just arent "the things" anymore nowadays!

P.S.2: Take a look into the WDs from back when Morthein first started -
and feel the greatness of the weirdish character creations (swinehead orc!)
which at all released the immense success of the Mordheim mania.
As it is now your game more goals at making the entire thing forgotten and
lost in humanities memories - not last because of using non firey colours btw.!

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Re: Style Critique

Postby Psychedelic Warlord » 25 April 2015, 16:12

I think some more colourful building design variants would add a dash of razzle to the game's visual presentation; on a related note the game's generally murky green and black atmosphere could bear a check; even though the green and brown tones are somewhat reminiscent of a box of After Eights, which makes me profoundly hungry whenever I play.

Variable character models with bulging bellies and grotesque heads would be fabulous; however this would mean significantly more work would have to be put in to make the clothing system versatile enough to work on a variety of bodyshapes, which would push back the development cycle significantly I think.

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Re: Style Critique

Postby seawolfben » 17 November 2015, 04:04

Would be really cool to have a contrast map, where half is colorful and living seperated perhaps by a large comit chunk in the center and a big crevace. on the other side could be the dreary gray we've all come to love. Or shit, just leave colorful bloodsplatters where dudes get konked out. If you get wrecked close to a wall maybe have that wall obtain a friendly red splash? Anywho this game ain't ready for release by a long shot. Too many bugs and wonky shit. The UI saying "warpstone effect" is in particular an offender here. just tell us what the effect is and give it a name. Also traps having both positive and negatives and the same name is malarky. I have to check after every stone pickup, which often times involves a good 10+ checks a game, as though picking up each individual stone itself wasn't tedious enough.

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