Missed Connections?

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The Jayzus
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Missed Connections?

Postby The Jayzus » 13 December 2014, 08:17

The game currently limits your ability to chat, and I was unable to find this player in the community.
I just wanted to say to the player "Squirrel Marrel" I had the most fun playing this game vs. you.

Our first match got bugged (rumble on the docks) right at the climax, and our second match was close, but you won quit handily at the end (all out brawl in the church, where we started toe to toe).
You have an excellent grasp of strategy with the current elements in the game, and I hope we can play again sometime!

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Re: Missed Connections?

Postby Coyote81 » 15 March 2015, 13:18

Had an amazing match against a person's who's name I missed at the start of the match. It was my Possessed versus his Mercenaries. The match had each of us pass 3+ rout checks and I had to take him down to only his champion standing. Great match! I would love a rematch.

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