And apart from crossing, perhap

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And apart from crossing, perhap

Postby fifacoinszoo » 03 November 2015, 02:44

So the gameplay is different. And apart from crossing, perhaps, it'd be hard to point out any one way in which it's definitively improved. But then the "feel" of the game is the fifa 16 coins hardest part - both to define and critique. What about the rest of it?
The presentation is, as we've come to expect, top notch. While I still feel the player models look strangely stretched, the lighting, textures, pitches and stadiums have never looked better. Improved, too, are the menu screens, with more "live" information provided as you log in each day, including, quite delightfully, a selection of the best goals from the past week's FIFA that autoplays on the main home screen. FIFA very much sets the bar when it comes to how a football game should look and sound, and it's managed to somehow raise that bar yet again.
It's not just in the looks department that FIFA leads the pack. Ultimate Team has, for the last few years, been my favourite way to play football games, and returns offering the same potent mix of competitive play and collectible-card squad-building. I was particularly excited this year when I heard about Draft Mode. Those that play Hearthstone will be familiar with the concept; you're given a random deck of players with which to assemble a team, and your understanding of the Chemistry system, the pros and cons of different formatio :D ns, and even real-life football knowledge is all put the test as you take on other scratch teams.igsky

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