Mordheim compendium v1.0

Description of the skills used in the Early Access.
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Mordheim compendium v1.0

Postby IronTarkus » 09 January 2015, 19:08

Found this on the steam forum, might be useful to a lot of people

Link: ... m-v1.0.pdf
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Re: Mordheim compendium v1.0

Postby zemlod » 10 January 2015, 10:07

but still needs proofreading, too many typos.

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Re: Mordheim compendium v1.0

Postby greenmeister18 » 06 February 2015, 23:37

All the stats have changed, I looked at it and thought "Skaven aren't that fast in game. Would be nice though.
Any chance of having slings and throwing weapons?

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