[Solved] Various technical problems since the last patch

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[Solved] Various technical problems since the last patch

Postby Netzzwerg » 11 October 2015, 11:13

Hey guys,
Just tested the new patch (haven't played for months) and I came across various game breaking issues.

First, the graphics seem to have gotten way worse than they were before. The options are still at the best avaiable but compared to before the patch the game looks just awful. Not a lot of colour, bad textures and poor models.

I also cant click a lot of buttons and/or I need to click somewhere else close to the button I want to click. Tooltips show up at the wrong button and in the post battle screen I wasn't able to click anything at all and had to ALT F4 in the end. I can't pay upkeep because of this issue, can't customize, cant level up a skill ... in fact I can't really do anything.

I am really disappointed by this because content wise this patch seems like a huge step ahead.

Just reinstalling the game and if the issues stay like this I will upload screenshots of all this.


E/ Weirdest error ever, found out that "enable gamepad" was ticked, unticked the box and instantly the game looked like before again, I could click every button and everything. Don't know what this was but now it works again

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