Campaign Missions stay till completed?

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Campaign Missions stay till completed?

Postby joshBK » 18 November 2015, 01:35

I am playing as Skaven. I have the mission to hit the sisters it is the third mission. I made some mistakes and got crushed and routed. The mission is still on the map.

Will it stay there till I complete it? I have units recovering from wounds. Can I do other missions and the campaign mission will stay there or is there a time frame for it to be completed in?

On a side note, this game is great. Not having someone hold my hand in the quests stressed me a bit finding black powder barrels and not exploring the underground tunnels properly to find globes while reinforcements spawned sucked but it adds a lot to the game. My leader lost an eye (Y), another lost a leg. A lot of other games would have it marked on the map. People will complain about it but it adds to the game.

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Re: Campaign Missions stay till completed?

Postby Astralwyrm » 18 November 2015, 04:26

The campaign missions are always available until completed.

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Re: Campaign Missions stay till completed?

Postby joshBK » 18 November 2015, 05:24

Thanks :D

I can continue with my rats... Not having saves meant I didnt want to move forward and mess something up.

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Re: Campaign Missions stay till completed?

Postby JimboDeany » 18 November 2015, 10:49

Yes they stay, and I found that this was a bit broken to be honest. I attempted the first Skaven mission and got extremely close to completing it only for Filch to go out of action. So I decided to hold off for a while and played a load of normal missions. I then went back to this mission to find that all my guys massively outclassed the opposition, not only making it easy but also allowing for the farming of xp from reinforcements....

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Re: Campaign Missions stay till completed?

Postby KillingTime » 26 November 2015, 09:09

I've only tried the first of the campaign missions so far (as Skaven) and was frustrated by a few things:
Firstly my Black Skaven hero got caught in a glitch that trapped him in a barn with no obvious exit, meaning I was down one of my best fighters without even getting into combat.
Secondly my Night Runner got absolutely butchered by the Ogre in one round having failed his perception (on a 65%) and getting ambushed. Filch then lost about 2/3 of his health before finally taking it down.
Finally, despite having mopped up the remainder of the gang and hunted down all the black powder, Filch then got shot in the head by a reinforcement and died causing me to lose, even though I was well on top at this point.

I then ended up with a tragic after battle sequence, with my Leader losing an arm, my Night Runner losing an eye and one of my established Warp Guard dying. So despite doing not too much wrong, the gang got completely trashed, and I ended up retiring it and starting again.
Next time around I intend to be at least a game or two further along in the gang's progression before I attempt the mission as I feel the consequences for failure basically forced me to quit that campaign.

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