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Re: [feedback] Traps

Postby Svinto » 16 February 2015, 22:18

oh i did not have the energy to read after the 2 first pages but i think the movement is good as it is. you have timer if you have a problem with people taking their time.

what if you start in a building and you dont know what building. then you move around then you at a wall. you cant go back. sound like so much fun!

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Re: [feedback] Traps

Postby IronTarkus » 17 February 2015, 00:05

What you are describing is a symptom of the the real problem which is too many dead ends. If we could use a red pill to smash a door open or if there wasnt so much broken paths everywhere it wouldnt a problem at all.
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Re: [feedback] Traps

Postby uddhava » 17 February 2015, 13:20

Exactly and traps are not the right solution to migitate this problem, in fact it worsens it.

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