Stuck behind the green wall

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The Red Graf
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Stuck behind the green wall

Postby The Red Graf » 09 February 2015, 01:01

So, my best mate bought the game the other day and I was taking him through a game. He accidentally clicked to have one of his cultist flee from combat and flee he did. The cultist ran through the green mist that marks the edge of the playing field and got trapped behind it. Is that supposed to happen. Here is a screen capture taken beyond the veil that men should know naught of.

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Re: Stuck behind the green wall

Postby Uthak » 09 February 2015, 02:59

Haha awesome! I sure hope that its intentional!! I think it would just add and be great for the game in general if a.) characters who flee run towards the closest field border (actual exit, such as green steam etc. - not a plain wall!) and b.) If they so much as touch it (or even pass it) they should just disappear and count towards moral as OOA (out of action/K.O.- since they cowardly left their teammates to die, or worse)! This would make fleeing an even worse idea (considering the free punches) and only a last resort so your precious beloved XXX wont get hurt in this game! Love this *bug*!

of course take them out of the initiative rooster and out of sight/off the map!

PS: Please implement colored lines in the strategy map to mark impassable terrain/field borders! I often find that view more confusing than helpful, especially if you try to plan a cool route to surround your enemy or avoid them/ambush them!

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