armour grades and effects

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armour grades and effects

Postby lovebunyip » 20 January 2015, 04:21

hey all this is what art0 was discussing in the other thread and relates to armour and weapon grades
Keep in mind that there are three different quality rank of items to find during the game: Normal, Good, Best. So every stats you will see in triple (0/0/0) represents how the armor will affect the units based on its quality.

Armor accessibility: not everyone can wear everything and these are based on the Games Workshop rules.


Yes, cloth is when you cannot equip better armor, but we also want it to be a viable option for everyone. That way, it becomes a tactical choice to wear it instead of being seen as not good.

Initiative Modifier: Very Fast (+10)
Damage Absorption: 0/2/4
Dodge modifier: +10%/15%/20%

The Light armor is better than cloth at protection, but slightly penalizing in other areas.

Initiative Modifier: Average (+0)
Damage Absorption: 3/6/9
Spellcasting modifier: -10%/-5%/0%
Jump, Leap, Climb modifier: -10%/-5%/0%

The Heavy armor is the best at protection but highly penalizing in other areas.

Initiative modifier: Very Slow (-10)
Damage Absorption: 8/16/24
Dodge modifier: -15%/-10%/-5%
Spellcasting modifier: -15%/-10%/-5%
Jump, Leap, Climb modifier: -20%/-15%/-10%


Yes, pendant is when you cannot or don't want to equip a helmet. This is needed for enchantment as well since not all units can wear a helmet.

Initiative Modifier: Average (+0)
Damage Absorption: 0/0/0
All Alone test modifier: +3%/6%/9%

The Helmet is good for protection and stun resistance but penalize in other areas.

Spellcasting modifier: -10%/-5%/0%
Perception modifier: -15%/-10%/-5%
Stun resistance: +15%/20%/25%
by having 3 grades of armour n weapon it really means there will be differences across the board.
a point art0 and i am inclined to agree with is that the fact there are 3 qualities of weapon they shouldn't be too different and take away from the fact that leveling up and gaining skills are the most effective/ realistic way to make a warrior a better fighter. everyone was terrified of ai grinding/farming to limit injuries and boost loot. this may push it more.
Ahhhh come on extrapolate a bit! Obviously weapons follow the same principle of 3 ranks and thus their damage increase (I admit their might've been missing some info).

So for example, Daggers damage is:

Normal: 9-15
Good: 12-18
Best: 15-21

So of course, if you fight against a warband wearing best equipment and you have regular one, it will be much harder (I don't want to say impossible since Players often find ways to create epic moments in games).
the dagger is not too bad to me but i can see where grinder phobia will creep in.

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