Damage, not damages; and "Warp Effect"

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Damage, not damages; and "Warp Effect"

Postby Blitzconfusion » 11 November 2015, 09:29

Although in game context technically damage is caused in separate calculable bits, one still causes variable amounts of damage , not damages. ;)

And having names of the Warp Effects shown would help quite a lot.
Currently even in in-game log the only information you get is that the effect was Warp Effect, which doesn't really tell what the effect did unless a de-buff is given or damage caused.
Thus, instead of 'Warp Effect'-text, there could be the name of the specific effect. That would make life easier for the player quite quickly.

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Re: Damage, not damages; and "Warp Effect"

Postby Jace11 » 11 November 2015, 12:20

Are you talking about the combat log? I've only seen "damages" there in the context: "X hits Y for 30 damages..." Agreed its a bit weird, and I also agree about warp effects, generally I can tell if its a buff or debuff from the animation, but it would be nice to just have the name of the effect pop up without having to go to the characters buff/debuff table.

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Re: Damage, not damages; and "Warp Effect"

Postby drenzul » 11 November 2015, 14:33

Agreed, several of the traps have a variable affect.
'Disorientated' one can be +/- hit chance (melee or ranged), so thats at least 4 different options.

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