Now its messed up

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Now its messed up

Postby Armitage » 01 November 2015, 15:06

With the last Patch it was implemented that if you leave a active Map it is an automatic defeat.
So far so good but with the current balancing the game is now nearly not playable. Last game.. played Chaos two Days in a row now other Missons but hard ones. Ok Started one because i have to do my Warpstone Delivery. Not only the enemy is Stronger than my Warband, no but my good men miss 8 out of 10 with an hit chance of 60 to 79 Percent. I did one wrong Move that lead to one man down. After that i was in a really good position two vs one first attack with ambushes etc. but than one more man bugged he was on his way up in a house for a better shooting position ... result? i could't see the house anymore was "flying" in the nirvana and could't move -> he was out too.
And than last but not leased the 8 out of 10 misses..... you simply can't win a Game like this. Bevore the Patch i could have left the Game with Alt+F4 lose some Time that i spend in the Mission and try again. Now i have to take the defeat and what happend? My Leader took 3!!!! injuries and two other men where out for 2 and 5 Days.... thats not fun at all. If you want to satisfy the hardcore Games then implement an Hard mode but for the Rest of the World there should be a "Flee" Button with less Risk of loosing men and Items if you find yourself in an dead end Stiuation. Its no fun to loose a Game just because of one Mistake an the good amount of confusing Rolls in the Background. Especially als long as the Game is not free of Bugs.
In the 3. Story Misson of the Humans my Games always Crashes if i find the first Enemy... If i try it now to find out if the Bug is fixed i lose the Mission because i have to Alt+F4 the Game thanks to the Bug???
I really have to say the Alt+F4 Option was surely not the Way the Game was meant to be, but was the only way to avoid really annoying looses
because of the sometimes messed up Game mechanics.

So far with my Feedback sorry for the English but i was so frustrated with the last Game that i have to make the Post even with the Risk of not spelling it all right ;).

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