Daemons again, this is just insane.

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Re: Daemons again, this is just insane.

Postby Astralwyrm » 15 November 2015, 23:55

I don't think I've managed to kill a demon yet but some loot would be nice for the trouble assuming you don't get anything. My suggestion would be a oil bomb like holy water item that you can use to block the demon's way and manipulate it's pathing, that and maybe damage it. Not sure how that will fly in the warhammer lore though I only know bits.

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Re: Daemons again, this is just insane.

Postby seawolfben » 16 November 2015, 22:21

I would welcome demon encounters with open arms if they had a good loot table! Bring on these evil deathballs of dmg and hp, just make sure they are carrying enchantment recipes or blue items ;D

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