Consumables are underwhelming, make them locked-slottable

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Consumables are underwhelming, make them locked-slottable

Postby Blitzconfusion » 31 October 2015, 07:08


During my Campaign runs, one thing has become more and more clear: Consumables (especially normal ones) are seldom worth it.
The main reason is that the slots they take are more properly used carrying Wyrdstone and loot. Besides, Heavy Armour taking equal space with Shredded Map is quite amusing.

Proposal: Make it so that Consumables can be carried in locked Item Slots.
This would allow one to justify taking something like Greta's boon on a Character: Almost useless, but better than nothing, and the slot is otherwise unused.
Basically, where normal Item Slots are filled from up-down, Consumables would fill the slots down-up, thus filling the locked ones first. This makes finding Consumables when looting less annoying, as they would not use up room better used for carrying more valuable Items.

Example: Strength 3 Character (3 open Slots) finds a chest containing 4 Sticky Sludges (true story). He takes them, and they fill the 3 locked Slots and one unlocked one. Should he later find three more Items, he can take them, replacing the one Sludge, but not take 4 non-Consumable items, as he has just 3 open slots.
Strength 12 Character would not have more room when carrying high amount of Consumables, but he may carry those 6 armors in his backpack.
So basically there is same amount of room on each Character to carry stuff with, but the weak ones are limited by weight of the items in question (assuming consumables are lighter than say, a metal Sword).

If my fellow Players want to express their opinions, they're welcome to do so.

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Re: Consumables are underwhelming, make them locked-slottabl

Postby LDiCesare » 31 October 2015, 09:20

I agree consumables are mostly useless right now. You have to choose whether you can bring 50% more wyrdstone or bring a greta's boon with you. I mean, seriously, who would pick the consumable?

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