Immunities and Injuries

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Immunities and Injuries

Postby Blitzconfusion » 30 October 2015, 14:37

Currently, Rat Ogre has been made incapable of getting Skull Fracture, and way before that the covered-eyes Sister(name?) was made incapable of getting Eye Injury. I think that this is a bit of a mistake.

Getting Injuries sucks as an event (note: personal level, the system itself is quite fun), currently the only real "neutral" result is reduced Ballistic Skill on Character that wouldn't use ranged anyway.
Instead of making certain Characters incapable of getting certain injuries, meaning that they will get other ones instead(?), more a fun way is making them immune to the effects of that injury.
My Rat Ogre is too damn stupid to notice or suffer from a Skull Fracture, and thus getting that specific result is actually quite hilarious in a black humor way. "Who needs eyes anyway? Just you try coming here and get the other one!"
This way these results are a kind of a breath of relief. It's not like those two Character types were too good anyway.

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