Warband Review - All to 5/6 except Chaos

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Re: Warband Review - All to 5/6 except Chaos

Postby drenzul » 03 November 2015, 21:21

Speaking of Chaos... wrath of tzeentch (6666 dmg!) appears awfully often for me. That's ok, i'll accomodate the fact, but after it putting my magister out of action, he lost an arm... is this supposed to happen? I'm honestly not sure if this is intended. (I won the mission, btw)
Had this a few times....

Even had it on sisters who I thought were meant to suffer 'divine wrath' instead of the Tzeentch curses.... Not sure is that is intended.
To be totally honest, I never use the warlock. I always build champ, youngblood and ogre. Warlocks seem pretty useless compared to a champ or youngblood.

Also, now that I'm playing chaos too, I do see how they might be the strongest.. but I still think sister's beat them. Skaven I mow through like butter, but same goes for mercs, but I am merc.

I usually lose 1-3 guys against sisters and usually 1-2 against chaos.

As for specs, I personally go only agility on my two-handers, or dual wielders, I do this for the dodge bonus primarily.

I always build weapon skill on melee. I do however keep a bow or dueling pistols on all my characters in the event that they're holding out or one shot. (Always high ini weapons so I'm not slowed down when I swap.)

I would never waste time building bal skill because they're there to be able to beat someone else of equal stature in a 1v1. (Although I aim to tilt the odds in my favor) I like the idea of each of my characters being able to beat each of the enemies, regardless of who, or at least give a run for their money.

Also, youngbloods are nasty, if they corner an archer, squire's curse or whatever can literally make that archer's damage output 0 until the youngblood gets the kill. (Don't think this makes them nearly as strong as any of the other warbands, but it's great against other mercs.
The issue with Chaos is, if they have a good day or you have a bad one, they can wipe you out very quickly ;) A few failed terror checks can seriously hurt your capabilities, if a henchman fails one, he can't even disengage..... Which can be nasty.

The terror on their IW is nasty, having fear on the Possessed helps as well. The fact half their team is immune to all alone also makes them harder to take out/disable quickly unless you catch them separated.

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